Pumpkin Monogram Doorhanger DIY


Happy Fall Ya’ll! Whats more fall then a big orange pumpkin? So today I have made this adorable wooden sign! Now I am in no way a professional but I do have to advise maybe not to try and tackle this adorable sign unless you are more experienced cutting wood-also make sure you have a few hours to kill just cutting wood! LOL. I love this sign and you can definitely simplify it if you wish. The three letter monogram does make it more difficult but you can alter it of course! I have it tied up with green Burlap ribbon and I LOVE it.

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Alright guys, Lets do this!

Step 1:

Draw out your stencil on the wood. Of course put the front side of the wood facing down, and then also face the template down as well The side you cut from can split sometimes while sawing so it’s best to put what will be the front facing down and trace the stencil on the back of the sign.



Step 2:

Drill a hole with a drill and sharp bit in each of the inner pieces of the wood that will be cut out! We do this so we have a hole to stick the saw blade in to start cutting in the center of the piece. I cut out all the center pieces first so I can keep my wood stabalized with the outter wood!



Step 3: 

Cut out all of the inner pieces we drilled holes in, then the pumpkin as a whole.


Step 4:

Now its time to sand. You can use an electric sander if you want, but just to be safe because there are so many thin pieces to this cutout I just hand sanded it with a piece of sand paper! Its completely up to you though!


Step 5:

Now its time to paint this lovely sign, I used a cheap bottle of arylic paint in Harvest Orange. I done two coats, and it took the entire bottle. (You can get this bottle of paint at Walmart for 50 Cents)

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Step 6:

Next I took a drill and a slightly larger drill bit than the one I used to drill out the holes in the wood, and I am going to cut a hole in the stem of the pumpkin to hang a ribbon through!


Step 7:

Thread your burlap ribbon through the hole, tie a knot at the ends, and then push the knot to the back of the pumpkin out of sight!

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Step 8:

Top coat it with some kind of sealer, let it dry, and then hang it out on your door so all your neighbors can be jealous of your beautiful creation!




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Fall Brownies!


Hey sunshine! Yesterday was the first day of fall, which means of course we need to celebrate with a delicious treat..and whats better than brownies-nothing…Nothing is better than brownies! So today we will be making some Fall themed brownies. Hang along with me and see how I make these delicious little brownies! Don’t forget to follow my website or go subscribe to me on Youtube so you can get notified when I upload new videos and blog posts!!

What I used:

A box of Brownie mix (+ Ingredients!)


Food Coloring in colors Orange, Copper, and Burgundy

Fall themed Cookie Cutters (I got mine from the Dollar General)



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How To Make A Strawberry Crunch Ice Cream Cake



Hey Sunshine!! Sad as I am to see Summer go, Fall is most definitely my favorite season of them all. However Fall doesn’t arrive until Thursday which means we have one last week of summer and I want to go out in style!! When I think of summer I think of hot days and eating ice cream! So what better way to say farewell to summer then with an Ice Cream Cake! A Strawberry Crunch Ice Cream Cake to be specific!!! Yesss, we all on board?? Lets do it!

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Watch here to see exactly how I made this delicious cake step by step!


  • 1 box of White cake mix (+ingredients to make the cake)
  • 1/2 cup of Strawberry Wafers
  • 1/2 cup of Sugar Cookies
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Frosting



  1. First I took my Softened Ice Cream out of the container and spread it in a small loaf pan big enough that I would be able to cut out my Popsicle with a spatula. Make it as thick as you want the Ice Cream layer to be and smooth it out.
  2. Then I put the Ice Cream in the freezer for about 1 & 1/2 Hours so It can harden and become solid.
  3. While my Ice Cream is freezing, I baked my White cake mix in a 8×8 square cake pan. After it is done baking I let it cool COMPLETELY. I actually even put it in the fridge to cool it down a little quicker.
  4. While the cake is cooling and the ice cream is freezing I went ahead and started making my crumb mixture. I took a cup of each cookie but I didn’t even use half of what I made so I definitely would cut this portion down at least into half. So take a half cup of Sugar Cookies and half cup of Strawberry wafers and grind them up in a food processor. (If you don’t have a food processor, put them in a plastic bag and crush them up). Then I combined them in a bowl together. (Don’t over process these til they are dust, you want them to still be crunchy – hence the Strawberry CRUNCH Cake.)
  5. Now that my cake is cooled I cut it in half (So I can sandwich my ice cream into the two pieces of cake).
  6. Then I took a knife and cut out the shape of a Popsicle in the two cake layers.
  7. Now I take what will be the very bottom of the cake, spread a thin layer of icing on it and coat it with the crumb mixture I made. Then I flip it over onto the plate I plan to leave the cake on.
  8. Next I use the other layer and lay it on my hardened ice cream, using a knife I trace out my Popsicle shape into the ice Cream.
  9. Remove the cake you traced off the ice cream and cut out your Popsicle shaped ice cream layer. Place it on the bottom piece of cake you iced, then sandwich the top piece of cake on top of the ice cream.
  10. Then I put the cake back in the freezer to re-harden a little bit (the ice cream will probably have softened a little by now)
  11. Now that the cake has hardened a little more I ice the entire cake with frosting and then completely coated it with the crumb mixture.
  12. Final step is adding a Popsicle stick to give your Popsicle a complete look! You are completely done!!!


Thank you guys for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this DELICIOUS Ice Cream Cake!! Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel! Come back soon!



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How To Make A Mason Jar Decor Sign!


Hey Sunshine!! Today we are going back to yet another wood project. This one is a door hanger but you can make it to hang in your bedroom or on your wall anywhere. It makes a great gift and isn’t hard at all to make. So lets get straight into it shall we?! Go check out my Youtube video below and see the easy way to make this beautiful DIY sign!!

Here is the template I used to make this Mason Jar Sign: Mason-Jar-Template!



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