How to make a Ghost Cake


Welcome my spooky sunshines!! Today I am showing you how to make a super easy Ghost Cake that even YOU can whip up for a Halloween Party! If I can do it, anyone can. Halloween is in a few days and this cake can be whipped up quick and easy, and its so cute! Its definitely party friendly and will be a hit with all your friends and family! I went with a ghost shaped almost ike a kid wearing a sheet, I thought it was cute and leaves alot of room for error which I am notorious for. So without further rambling, lets do this!

*DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a professional cake decorator and am in no way saying that I am. I am learning everything as I go and am a self taught home baker! *

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Items Used:

  • 6″x2″ Round Pan
  • Oven safe bowl
  • 2 batches of cake mix in flavor of your choice (I’m definitely a chocolate lover)
  • buttercream
  • Rice Crispy treats
  • White Fondant
  • Fondant in colors of choice for hat and cupcake (I chose purple and orange)
  • Serated Knife for leveling & carving
  • Rolling pin
  • Small offset spatula for icing
  • Small knife for details
  • Number 21 start tip
  • Piping bag (or ziploc bag)
  • small cardboard pieces for support of cupcake and hat

Now I am going to try and explain this the best I can but for an easier alternative you can always watch my video tutorial on this cake.


Step 1:

First I baked all my cakes. I baked three 6″x2″ round cakes and also one cake in a porcelain oven safe bowl.

Step 2:

After cooling I leveled and stacked the cakes up with my serated knife. The three round first and then the bowl on top to be the round part of the head. ( Keep all the scraps from leveling it, you will use these to make a cake pop witches hat for your ghost)

*Go ahead and crumb all the scraps you leveled off your cakes and put them aside for later*

Step 3:

Freeze or cool your cake so it is solid enough that you can carve away at it and give it the ghostly shape you want. Then carve your cake! I tried to round the head a little more then it always was and thin out the middle just slightly so the fondant would drape over it nicely and hang loosely like a sheet.

Step 4:

Crumb Coat your cake and put it in the fridge to chill. Then give it a second coat. Then put it back in the fridge to chill again.

Step 5:

Now we can start working on the arms. I just used pre-made packaged Rice Crispy treats and shaped them into cute little nubs for arms, and attached them with a skewer I cut down to size.

Step 6:

Attach arms to cake and crumb coat them as well blending the icing into the cake.

Step 7:

Cover your cake in white fondant! I covered mine loosely to have the sheet covered ghost affect but this is completely optional, this just helped me leave a lot of room for errors and was still totally adorable. I trimmed the bottom to try and give it a wavy look and accentuated the wrinkles and made deep curls and wrinkles in the fondant.

Step 8:

Now its time to move on to the little details which is the funnest part about making cake!! I just used the large round end of my piping tip to cut out black circles out of fondant for the eyes. Then I cut small strips for my eyelashes and mouth. Then I used a small ball of white fondant for the little white in the eyes of my ghost…I mostly eyeballed it. HAHA GET IT!

Step 9:

Now that her face is done we are moving on to the hat! I used the cake scraps I leveled off my cakes and crumbed them up in a bowl. Then I added some chocolate frosting and mixed it until I got a thick dough consistency. Next I shaped them into  a hat and the bottom of my cupcake that my Ghost will hold!

*Put them on a sturdy thin piece of cardboard for support and freeze*

Step 10:

Once they are frozen and have hardened we are going to cover the hat and bottom of cupcake in fondant. I used purple you can use whatever color you want. After smoothing and trimming I moved on to details. I used orange fondant to put a trim around the base of my witches hat, and a little bow to cover the crease where I had cut the fondant.

Step 11:

I dyed some buttercream the same color as the orange on the witch’s hat to ice the ghosts cupcake in so that it all matches and goes together. Using a number 21 Star tip & a sandwich bag, I piped the icing on my little ghosts cupcake!

Step 12:

Attach your hat and cupcake. I just attached the cupcake to the ghost’s hand with a little dollop of buttercream,and the hat to the top of her head with a skewer that I cut to size.

TA-DAAA!! You’re done!


I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and remember, its a ghost, so it doesn’t have to be perfect! So just have fun with it and customize it to your liking! It will be a big hit and people will love it. If you make this cake or any other cake or project make sure to send it to me on Instagram at @burstofsunshine

Again thanks for stopping by guys and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel! 🙂 Byyyeee!!


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Polymer Clay Sugar Skull Necklace DIY


Welcome back Sunshine! Halloween is so close I can taste it…So I thought, ya know what I don’t have, a cute Halloween Necklace! Lets Make one shall we?


Items used:

  • White Polymer Clay
  • Skull Ice Cube Tray (found mine at the Dollar Tree for $1)
  • ball tools (optional you can use paint brushes too)
  • Acrylic Paint (in colors of your choice) & Black Paint Marker (optional)
  • Black Pen
  • Eye Pin & Chain (To make it a necklace)
  • Pliers

As usual you can watch my video on my Youtube account how I made this necklace or keep scrolling below to see step by step how I created it.

Lets do it:

Step 1: Condition your clay and roll it into a ball slightly bigger than the skull mold.



Step 2: Press your Polymer Clay round into the mold and press it good. You want to make sure to fill all the little crevices to get the full imprint of the skull.



Step 3: Trim off excess Clay, You can do this before or after removing it from the mold. (After would probably be easier).



Step 4: Remove Clay from mold. You may need to fix any imperfections that may have occurred while removing the clay from the mold.


Step 5: Insert an eye pin and bake according to your clays instructions. Different brand clays can have different temperatures and baking time.


Step 6: (Optional) After your piece has completely cooled paint it with white acrylic paint. This is optional, I just done it because my white clay accumulated dust particles before baking.



Step 7: Use a Paint marker and pen to design your skull however you want it. I was just doodling and winging it, but your design can be completely customized to your liking!



Step 8: After your pen drawings have dried, Paint in the designs with colors of your choice!



Step 9: After the paint dries I decided to trace back over my designs with the pen again to clean up any lines I may have accidentally painted.



Step 10: (Optional) Glaze your piece.

Step 11: Attach jump ring to your eye pin with some pliers, and wear your beautiful new creation!



I hope you guys enjoyed this, stay tuned next week for some deliciousness coming your way! Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and follow my social media as well!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Stay sunny! 🙂




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DIY Skull Vase Halloween Decoration


Hey sunshine! Today we will be making this superrrr easy and ADORABLE Halloween decoration…Oh and it was cheap too! I bought all of the items needed for this craft at the Dollar Tree (except the spray paint which I got from Walmart for 98 Cents). So lets get into it…

Items used:

  • Plastic Skull -Dollar Tree for $1
  • Black Rose Bush – Dollar Tree for $1
  • Red Rose Bush -Dollar Tree for $1
  • Black Spray Paint – Walmart 98 cents!

Total: About $4.


Totally affordable and TOTALLY cute!

You can watch my Youtube video below or keep scrolling to see more detailed written instructions on how I made this cute Halloween Decoration!


Lets do it:

1. First we are going to take our plastic skull and spray paint him black! And you can let your imagination fly with this one, you could paint him any color you want, add jewels or flowers to make it a sugar skull, add red paint running down to look like blood, the possibilities are endless!



2. Now that our spray paint is dry, we are going to cut a hole in the top of the skull to fit the flowers in. I suggest cutting a smaller hole because you can always keep trimming off some of the skull to make the hole bigger if needed but if you start out with too large of a hole like I did you cant take it back.



3. Trim all the flowers off the bushes and to a size that they will fit in the vase, also remove the leaves. I used a pair of wire cutters but scissors would work for this!

4 5


4. Arrange the flowers how you want them, tape them together, and insert them into the skull.


(Tip: If your skull is too lightweight and flimsy you can fill the inside with some small rocks or sand to keep it sturdy so it doesn’t tip over with your flowers.)

TA-DAAAA!!! You are done!

Skull Vase

This is such a fun project, takes no time to make and is sooo easy that it is ridiculous! I hope you enjoy this and make some for yourself because they turn out so cute! Thanks guys for stopping by, don’t forget to go check out my Youtube  video and Subscribe to my channel to get updates when I upload new projects! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by guys!



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How to Make A Five Nights At Freddys Cake!


DISCLAIMER: First off let me start off by saying I am CLEARLY not a professional cake baker or decorator…I am learning as I go and most things I am doing for the first time on camera just winging it. So please be considerate, as I am a beginner home taught baker…and with that said lets move on to the cake! 


Hey Sunshine! Today we are making this Five Nights at Freddys Cake! It’s super easy and any home-baker/mom-baker can easily create this. So sit down, press play, and see how to make this cake for any Five Nights at Freddys fan in your life!  Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel while you are there to get updates when I upload new videos!

Thank you guys so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this video! 🙂 Come back soon!


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The future is what you make it!

Sunshines, lets get real for a minute?! I have been thinking about life…the present…the future.

What are you doing today to improve tomorrow? Do you have goals? Dreams? Ambitions?

We all say “One day I’m gonna live here” or “One day I’m gonna do this” or “One day I’m gonna be this”

Well guess what guys…One day is TODAY! 

Life gets better with Change, not chance! I don’t remember who wrote that quote but it is magical! If your everyday life is the same, day after day..and you find yourself just everyday saying “One day one day one day” then you need to get your tush up and get moving…Start doing it. Every day do something that brings you closer to where you wanna be in life. Cause if everyday is the same routine over and over, then how do you expect to reach your one day point? Is it just gonna fall in your lap? One day you’re going to wake up and just have money, and that house, and that job, and those dreams you’ve been imagining-doubtful. Do you know how to get where you want in life?…You work for it…You do what you have to do to accomplish your dreams…So my question to you is…

What have you done today to improve your future?


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