How to make Fruit Rollup Fortune Cookies

Hello my Sunny Valentines! Today we are starting with my very first Valentines Day Video! This is a delicious DIY Recipe for some fortune cookies, but not normal boring fortune cookies, but delicious bright colorful fruit rollup fortune cookies! These are great for any occasion whether it is Valentines Day, an Anniversary, or just any day you want to do something nice and sweet for someone. It is super easy peasy, so let’s do this!

You Will need:

  • Fruit Rollups. You can get 4 cookies per sheet, so choose how many of those you are needing.
  • Fortunes ( which you can find down below)
  • 2 inch circle cookie cutter
  • Scissors
  • Pen (optional if you plan to personalize some of the fortunes)


I did leave some blank boxes with the fortunes so you can customize your own either on the computer or hand writing them! I hope you guys enjoy it and if you do use it don’t forget to credit back where you got it 🙂 Show the love <3.

Check out my video below to see exactly how I made these cookies step by step!

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See ya’ll next time! 


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Cheap & Easy File Cabinet Makeover!

Hello my Sunshines! Today I am showing you all how I gave my super cheap old rusty file cabinet a makeover!! I found this filing cabinet SUPER dirt cheap at a thrift store, like $3 cheap! I know right I practically stole it from them! All it took for me to do this makeover was a Stencil from Walmart which was about $4, some white acrylic paint, and some light pink spray paint, about 3 cans if ya want me to be real with ya! It took alot to cover the rust! Also an electric sander or some sand paper!


1. So I took this old rusty file cabinet and I sanded it down with my electric sander to get it smooth. I didnt want all the rust spots to show through the paint so I made sure to take extra time to get this sanding done!

2. Then I coated it with multiple and I mean MULTIPLE coats of spray paint! I went with light pink, not sure why, but I did!

3. I painted the handles with white acrylic paint just so they kind of pop!

4. Finally I took my stencil that I got at Walmart and used White acrylic paint to stencil just the drawers! I wanted just the drawers stenciled so It would stick out compared to the rest of the cabinet!


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how awesome this turned out and it is perfect to help me get organized for the new year!

So moral of the story is:  If ya see a cheap old junky file cabinet at a thrift store or yard sale, don’t pass it up!! It has the potential to be BEAUTIFUL!

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Thank you for stopping by my lovely friends and I will see you guys later!

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Small Dollar Store Haul

This was just a video I decided to make to share some of the cute items I found at my local Dollar General. Just keep in mind not all stores will have all the same exact items and Im sure they do vary by location but hey, go check out your dollar general, chances are they do have some if not all of these items!

*This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and all items were bought with my own money! ”

Thank you guys for stopping by to see this little extra clip I decided to upload this week!

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DIY Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes!

Hello my Muggle friends!! Today I am showing you how I made these cute super duper magically awesome Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes. They sell some actual Harry Potter wand makeup brushes at Storybook cosmetics, but I am a cheap DIYer so I decided I would try and recreate my own, so I made mine for a mere $4 for all 3 brushes that I made.

Things you will need:

  • Assorted Makeup brushes (in sizes and shapes of your choice)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Metallic Gold Paint
  • Paint brushes

Like legit the process of making these are so simple that it will blow you mind! I literally just used the hot glue gun to build up hot glue to make the wands to shape I wanted them. I chose to make my wands to look similar to 3 of the wands from the Harry Potter movie series. I have my concealer brush as Harry Potters Wand. An angled eye shadow brush as Hermiones wand. And finally a standard dome eye shadow brush was used to make Voldemorts wand!

Don’t forget to check out my video showing you exactly how I made these super magical Harry potter wand makeup brushes and don’t forget to Like and SUBSCRIBE while you are there!

Thank you guys again for watching and checking out this diy tutorial for this week, see ya’ll next time!

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DIY Inspiration Board/Bulletin Board

Hello my lovely sunny friends, and Welcome to my first project of 2017!!

I wanted to start of 2017 with an easy fun and creative start! Since DIYS are my favorite that is what we are starting off with! Today I have this cute bulletin board that is so simple to make that it will rock your world!!!

This board is great to put up inspiration and motivation to help you keep yourself on track with your new years resolutions, but its more then just that! You can use it to post up reminders in your office, or to hang pictures in your bedroom, or whatever you want to use it for. It is completely customizable to fit your personality so have fun with it!

I made this board for about $5-6. Thats it! and I LOVE it!!!! 

So Let’s Do This:

  1. Start with a standard basic cork board in size of your choice. (I got mine from a thrift store for $3 but they sell them at Walmart)
  2. Spray paint your frame of your cork board to color of your choosing (optional).
  3. Next you are going to measure how much fabric you need to cover the cork part of the board. A Fat quarter was a perfect fit for mine so I got one from Walmart for $1 or $2.
  4. Pin the fabric down smooth to the board with some basic thumbtacks. 

That literally is all it took to make this adorable board!

I hope you enjoyed it and as always don’t forget to check out my You tube Channel and SUBSCRIBE to see all my future projects as I post them!

Thanks for stopping by guys & I’ll see ya’ll next time! 

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Keeping Motivation when you are losing momentum!

It is completely normal to lose momentum and start to feel down on yourself, especially when your numbers aren’t meeting your expectations!

It is easy for people to say not to let that get you down but sometimes it is easier said then done! So I want to talk with you about staying motivated, why you shouldn’t let a temporary drop in following affect your momentum and your drive!

Your Audience!

Lets talk about your audience for a second, Who would you say your blog (or You tube or whatever your outlet is) who is it for? Who is your target audience? what are you trying to achieve by gaining a following? Are you trying to just express your creativity or yourself and want to share it with like minded people who are interested in seeing the process or learning new things or making friends in a friendly community that all share the same hobbies and ideas? That’s who I am writing for. I don’t want to gain followers just to be popular and have a large following, I want to gain followers who are interested in what I have to say and what I have to share and genuinely enjoy the content I am providing. If they are not enjoying the content, then I guess they just aren’t my target audience. If someone is not enjoying what I am putting out there and isn’t interested in what I am doing or what I am trying to provide, then clearly that is not the person I am providing it to.

It’s all about having the right audience. You don’t want someone to just be following you so you have have a pretty number of followers. I don’t anyway. I want a community of crafters and creative people who genuinely enjoy seeing other peoples projects and sharing them, maybe trying them and supporting each other. So if I lose a subscriber, or a few…I guess they are not the people I need in my community. They are not the ones who will be there for me for the long haul. They are not the ones who can connect with what I am making and really appreciate the effort.

And that’s OKAY!

Not everyone is into the same kind of thing. Some blogs are my style and my interest and I genuinely enjoy reading them, and then others aren’t. There is nothing wrong with that, everybody has a style and certain things they like to see and certain things they don’t. That’s the beauty of the internet. We are all different and express and do things in our own way and the internet is a vast community of people of all different interests. So I am not going to take it personally when someone isn’t interested in the same exact things I am, that’s part of life and the beauty of the internet. We are all different!

As long as I know I am still putting in effort, and giving it my all 100% and providing content that I think is quality and the kind of content I would want to see, I am not going to take it personally if my style isn’t everyones. I like Tuna in my mac & cheese, doesn’t mean everybody has to!

So don’t let a drop in followers de-motivate you or make you feel like giving up and continuing on is pointless, because if blogging, or youtube-ing, or intagramming, or whatever is it you are doing is what is making you happy-then you keep doing it!

Thank you guys for stopping by I hope this post maybe helped someone who is going through that slump where they are struggling to gain a following or keep the following they do gain! Keep going – you got this!

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