How to Iron Vinyl onto Hats! Cricut Project!

Ahh my Cricut, It’s like my bff!! I love it and all the possibilities you have for projects. Today I am showing you how I used my Cricut and Iron on Vinyl to make my own custom hats using these super cheat hats from the dollar store. I bought multiple of these blank colored hats, from both the dollar tree and the dollar general. They are basically the same hat, made with about the same quality so either place is fine to get your hat. Keep in mind these are just $1 hats so they arent going to be the best quality hats but hey, for $1 ya cant beat it. 


So these is just the technique I used to make my own cute custom hats made from some iron on vinyl and these cheap $1 hats. Although I do not have a written tutorial for this I have of course made a video showing exactly how I made these cute hats if you are interested!!! So check out my Youtube video below! Go give it a thumbs up and subscribe! šŸ™‚

I hope you guys like this video and this short little tutorial how I made this adorable hat! I am pretty excited about it because I love it. If ya like it let me know! šŸ™‚ See Ya’ll next week! Byeeeeee! 

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How to make a simple FIDGET SPINNER CAKE!

Fidget Spinners have been the newest craze lately. Kids are going insane for them and they are taking the internet by storm. I took the sight of Fidget Spinners at every turn and it inspired me to make a Fidget Spinner Cake. I love cakes that are shaped like different things other than cake, soooo I am not gonna ramble and we are just gonna get into this cake!


Things you Will Need:

1 box of cake mix (in flavor of choice) I used Strawberry

Frosting or buttercream. (I used a tub of Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Frosting to make it a little easier.)

one 9″ round pan

Serated Knife (for leveling)

Fidget Spinner Template (I found mine on Google Images)

Small knife for carving.

Fondant in colors of choice. (I am using purple and black)

1″ round cookie cutter

2″ round cookie cutter


First bake your cake! Try not to burn it like I did. If ya do though, just use your serated knife to cut off the burnt carmelization.

Next Level your cake. I just use a serated knife to cut the dome off of my cake and make it nice even and flat.

Put your template of your Fidget Spinner on the cake and cut it out.  [Keep the scraps as snacks for you;) ]

*Cut out the holes where the barrings go as well when you cut the spinner out with the 1″ circle cutter. I forgot and didn’t cut mine out til later but it would be much simpler to go ahead and do that now.*

Crumb Coat and put in the freezer to chill and firm up.

Do your final coat of Frosting and return to the fridge to firm up again.

Knead and rollout fondant in color of choice or the spinner.

Cover the cake in fondant and smooth out until it looks nice and even and smooth.

Cut out the holes where the barrings go.

Roll out the fondant for your barrings, mine are black.

Use the 2″ circle cutter out to cut out the 3 circles for the barrings and place them in the holes you cut out and smooth them into place.

Using the 2″ circle cutter cut out the round piece for the middle of the spinner in color of your choice, I chose to make mine black to tie in with the barrings but most spinners middle piece is the same color as the spinner itself. Roll out this fondant pretty thick to make it more accurately look like the spinner. Attach with some water.

Put your cake on a lazy suzan or spinning cake board and you have a spinning cake!!

I hope you guys like this and don’t forget to watch my video below to see step by step exactly how I achieved this cake. Go subscribe to my Youtube Channel and hit the thumbs up button on my video if ya like it.

Thank you guys for stopping by you are awesome, each and every one of you. Keep life sunny! šŸ™‚


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