3 DIY Halloween Decor Tutorials!

Hello my spooky friends. We are gonna pretend it hasn’t been like 4 months since I have been present on here and just pretend I have been here ALLL ALONG!

So Halloween is among us, one of my favorite holidays, and I wanted to make some supah dupah cheap decor for my office, so that is how this very video was born. Each of these projects cost me less then $2 a piece. I made 3 projects, but smart me only took pictures of two of them,, doohhhhh Ashley! 

But you can tune into the video below to view exactly how I made ALL THREE of them! 

*Potion Bottles*


Old recycled vitamin bottles
Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
Black Spray Paint
Any accessories or decorations (optional)


  1. Taking the labels off of the bottles are optional, but I suggest it. I didn’t/half done it and it would have turned out better if I would have just completely taken the labels off.
  2. Decorate the bottles to your choosing. I wrote “Poison” on one of mine with hot glue. Decorated the 2nd with random swirly squiggly designs. And for the 3rd I just hot glued on a foam skull. Decorate the lids too! 
  3. Spray Paint Black & Let Dry! 

*Crystal Ball*

Globe Ornament (I got mine at Dollar Tree for $1)
Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
Candle Stick (Another Dollar Tree find for $1)
Black Spray Paint


  1. Spray Paint the candle stick solid black.
  2. Remove hook/lid off of Globe Ornament
  3. Lightly Mist the globe ornament with the black spray paint, just to give it a smoky look.
  4. Hot glue the ornament onto the candle stick.

*Oogie Boogie*

Black Poster Board
Exacto Knife
Oogie Boogie Stencil HERE: Oogie Boogie Poster


  1. Print out Oogie Boogie and attach pages together with tape.
  2. Cut out Oogie Boogie using scissors & exacto knife.
  3. Place stencil on black poster board and trace it with a pencil.
  4. Using Scissors & exacto knife, cut Oogie Boogie out of the poster board.
  5. Tape him up in your window. 


Check out my Video below to watch exactly how I made all of these projects STEP BY STEP! Go ahead and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel while you are over there! 


Thank you for checking out my DIY Halloween Decor Projects & I hope you enjoyed them! See Ya’ll Laterrrr!

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