4 Overnight Heatless Curls Hairstyles!

Topic of the day: Hair!



Ahhh Hair, most of us have it, most of us hate what we have. As for me, I have frizzy uncontrollable hair. As much as I love to straighten and curl it for a polished look, it isn’t ideal everyday. Some days I just want to sleep in, and the damage the curling irons and straighteners do to your hair after everyday use is ridiculous. That is what brought this project on. I was straightening or curling my hair every day, 5 days a week, which was fine for a while. However recently Ive noticed some changes in my hair, its dry and frizzy (more then usual) around the ends, it refuses to grow, its damages and fried, and is now breaking off. I noticed the hair around the crown of my head had been breaking off to bang length. This was not working for me, so I decided to lay off the heat styling. But that left my hair looking crazy like I hadn’t even bothered to comb it after rolling out of bed. I work a respectable 9-5 job and cant be showing up looking like the hairy lion from the Wizard of Oz! So I took to testing out a few tricks I could do to my hair where it would practically fix itself, and here is the outcome!

So as I’m sure you are sick of the rambling I’ve done about my poor poor hair, lets get into this!

Goal: Find a heatless way to style my hair cute that takes literally no effort and lets me sleep in a few extra minutes in the morning, and go!

(Warning: All pictures are unedited, some are taken right before bed with no makeup and some right after waking up, Consider yourself warned)


Heatless Style #1:

According to the post from Pinterest where I found this idea, the girl calls this the Friar Tuck! this one probably had one of my favorite outcomes of the options which is why I’m showing it to you first! You just take a headband and wrap it around your head and then wrap sections around it, grabbing more and tucking it as you go. Then you go to bed, and when you get up the next morning, fight with it for a few minutes to get the hair out of the headband, run your fingers through your hair, and curls! The original post has a video on it that shows you exactly how to do it. You can find that at:  http://www.byebyebeehive.com/2012/02/curl-your-hair-without-heat.html?m=1

Style 1

Results: I really liked the outcome of this one, probably the tightest curls I got from any of the methods I tried, and also you don’t even really feel the headband and it doesn’t bother you while trying to sleep.



Heatless Style #2:

Standard Braids. All I done was part my hair into two pig tails and braided them. then I went to bed. After waking up I just un-braided my hair and ran may fingers through it to seperate the hair! That’s it, pretty simple!

Style 2


Results: This one also gave me pretty good curls and was one of the most comfortable to sleep in because you aren’t worrying about the hair coming out. (& You look less crazy to your sleep partner!)


Heatless Style #3:

This clip option is simple, you just take your hair into two large sections, twist them up, and clip them on top of your head. Wake up the next morning, run your fingers through your hair, and bam!

Style 3

Results: This one gave me more of a loose waves kinda look. Still not a bad result though to have very little effort put into it. Just make sure you put the clips high on your head because if they are on the sides of your head they will hurt and be uncomfortable on your head when you sleep.


Heatless Style #4:

This is just another take on style #3. This was just an attempt at breaking my hair up into 4 sections instead of 2.

Stlye 4

Results: This gave me a crimped look, which I still liked..HOWEVER…let me stress not to put the clips on the side of your head like I have in the picture. This can cause for very uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. The clips will hurt your head as you are trying to sleep if they are low enough that you are laying on them. Take it from my experience, keep them on the top of ya head girl!


Now whichever one you try would depend on what kind of outcome you want on your hair. For a more curled I would go with #1, wavy I would go with 2 or 3, and crimped would be 4! Now I know, haha! Of course everyone’s hair is different and has different textures but give them a try and see which works best for you! It’s really easy, each take less then 5 minutes to do and it saves a ton of time styling your hair in the mornings! I think I’m in loveeeee! #lazy girl dream come true!



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