Dog Mug Silhouette Cricut Tutorial

Hey guys, welcome back to my poorly written blog! Today I am showing you guys a Cricut project I recently made and has been a hit! This is completely customizable and has a lot of thought which means it is a GREAT gift idea!  I am completely dissapointed in how awful I have been with keeping up my blog but I have just been so swamped with work and everything, sooo here’s my excuse and here I am! LOL. Sorry there will be no picture tutorial, only video this time around cause again I repeat, the time swamp thing! Sorry guys, I’ll try and do better. 

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Thank you guys for stopping by my blog! I hope you guys enjoy your time here and be sure to check back soon for some more fun! 

*Secret hint: Next week, there will be a new CAKE going up! Make sure ya come back and don’t miss it*

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DIY Coffee Mug Holder Display Sign

I admit it, I am an addict! A COFFEE ADDICT! I drink coffee on the daily,! I wonder if its genetic because my parents, are also a part of the coffee addict community. If you are a coffee drinker then you probably more then likely have the coffee mug cabinet, we all have one, don’t lie! I have so many coffee mugs that I have a cabinet dedicated just for my coffee mugs. So I thought, what if I displayed some of my pretty mugs, and cleaned out a little space in my cabinet! GENIUS! So I have made  cute coffee mug holder that I can hang on the wall or side of the cabinet to display some of the prettier coffee mugs in my collection. 

Things you will need:

  • Wood! (in size of your choice, mine is 1ftx2ft bout 1/4 inch thick)
  • Spray Paint & Acrylic Paint (colors of your choice)
  • Sand Paper
  • Sawtooth hook kit
  • Mug Hooks
  • Quote printed on paper & Pin
  • Paint for quote + Brushes
  • Sealant or top coat
  • Painters Tape

Lets Do This! 

  1. First off we are going to prep our wood. If yours needs sanded go ahead and sand it, mine didnt need sanded so I started off with a spray paint coat of white! Let Dry! 
  2. Now paint your main coat, I wanted a streaky, worn, rustic look, so I was kind of sloppy with this layer! I just used a large paint brush and some dark red acrylic paint. Let Dry!
  3. Now I’m using a piece of sand paper and just lightly sanding to sand of a little of the red paint to expose some of the white, to give it a worn look.
  4. Once you have the look you want, tape your quote or graphic where you want it using some painters tape.
  5. Now using a pen trace out the quote or graphic using good pressure, same technique I always use for putting words on wood. Remove the paper and you have the outline of your quote indented in the wood.
  6. Now using a paint pen or acrylic paint, trace the words and fill them in. 
  7. Once that is dry top coat it with some kind of sealant. This is optional but I like to do it to keep my words from wearing off. I used Mod Podge Spray Sealer but you can use whatever kind you prefer. Let Dry. 
  8. Now we are gonna nail the saw tooth hanger centered towards the top on the back of our sign, so we can hang it on the wall.
  9. Finally the final step, hang the mug hooks. I used a large mug of mine to eyeball how far apart to put them from each other but you can just randomly stick them around if that’s what floats your boat.
  10. Hang your board onto the wall or side of cabinet and you are ready to display your beautiful mugs! 🙂 

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Thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you liked this project, I love the outcome and I hope you guys make yourselves one as well.


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My grandmother keeps a beautiful glass tray on her dresser to hold all of her beautiful perfume bottles! With that in mind I loved the idea and it is super cute, So I thought to myself, how can I have something like that, but for super cheap! 

So, inspired by my grandmother…This is my easy, cheap, diy perfume/makeup/jewelry tray?!!

So step by step lets do this:

  1. Open Frame
  2.  Pick scrapbook paper of choice, use picture that comes in frame to trace out  onto the scrapbook paper
  3. Cut out this shape, mines an oval
  4. Put it in the frame scrapbook side showing in the front of the frame
  5. Close the frame back up
  6. Display!!!


Easiest project EVER!!

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Thank you guys for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my blog and my Youtube! See ya’ll later tater! 


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DIY Gender Reveal Party Pinata!

It’s party time!!! Actually to be technical a party is not the only time for a Pinata!! This Pinata in-particular I am going to be using for a Gender Reveal for my cousin, however you can make a pinata just for decoration. I know this sounds a little crazy, but after I made this Pinata I hung it on my wall to keep it safe from all my fur-babies until the day came where I needed to take it to the gender reveal. It looked totally cute as a wall decoration, especially maybe for a teenager or kids room. Adds some color and something a little different that you don’t typically see as room decor. So whether it is for a party or decor, this tutorial will work for you!

*P.S. I know I made a new years resolution to spend more time working with the blog and writing more in depth posts but guess what, like most new years resolutions, I did not stick to it. However I am going to try, for real this time….well, I’m going to TRY to try! 😀 So I decided to do a more in depth blog post for this and not JUST a video showing you exactly how I done it. Some people prefer picture instructions and some people prefer video instructions so I’m trying to give you both options even though it is more work, you’re worth it 😉 *

Cutting and taping the streamer does take a little time but its one of those little tasks where you can turn on Netflix or a Movie and just go to town as you watch your shows! It’s pretty repetitive so its perfect for getting done while you catch up on your DVR like I do!


Things you will need:

  • Streamer in colors of choice
  • Cereal boxes/cardboard
  • Scotch Tape
  • Scissors
  • Twine or String (to hang it)
  • Exacto knife (to cut the hole to insert candy or confetti)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or Pen

I know I do have regular tissue paper pictured, which you can use…but I ended up using rolls of streamer! Whichever you prefer will work. Alright that is all you need, let’s get on to this tutorial shall we?! By the time we are doing you are going to be wondering why you hadn’t been making your own cute customizable personal pinatas for years!


  1. First pick your shape. I am going with a heart. I found a standard heart shape online and printed it out the size I wanted it. That is your first step. Print your outline!
  2. Next I “broke down” my cereal boxes. Id say you understand what I mean by “broke down” but for those not familiar with retail work, you are just finding the seams of the boxes and pulling apart til it is one flat piece. I use cereal boxes because despite how it may seem these are sturdy pinata’s, I once used full on thick cardboard from a cardboard box and the adults could not even bust the Pinata!! So I went with flimsy cardboard and little tape.
  3. Now I am going to take my flat boxes, lay out my template on it for the overall shape I am wanting, and going to cut it out. I am going to start with front and back of my pinata, so I cut my large heart out of cardboard, and pieced together parts that weren’t big enough for the entire heart. Then I done it all over again a second time. One is the front of the pinata, and one the back.
  4. Now it is time to cut out the sides of my pinata. I chose to make mine about 2 & 1/2 inches wide. This is all completely depending on your shape and size of your pinata and how you want it to look. I cut out random strips of the cardboard in different lengths, as long as they were 2 & 1/2 inches wide. Then I rolled them up so they would curve easily when I go to make my shape.
  5. Finally it is time to assemble the Pinata. I used scotch tape and taped my side strips to my base and attached it all the way around. One my base and sides were constructed I put the top piece on, and again secured it with tape. Let me be clear, you don’t want much tape if kids are going to be hitting this. For this in-particular pinata I made I puttoo much tape. The 3 year olds hitting it wasn’t even making a dent, and the adults who eventually took over hitting it still had a time with it! While constructing the Pinata I went ahead and placed my twine in at this point that it will hang from and secured it with some sturdy black electrical tape. You don’t want the pinata falling off the string while hitting it, that’s the part you want to hold up.
  6. If this is a pinata for a party and not for decoration then you are at this point going to need a hole to insert your candy/confetti/filling of your choice. I just picked a small section on the top and cut out 3 sides of a square with an exacto knife. almost like a |_|  and the 4th line you didn’t cut is what holds it on. That gives you a little door you can open to insert your candy. I wouldn’t overfill this too much either because you don’t want it falling apart if you made it lightweight for kids. I fill it with my candy and filling last though, so its not weighted too much while you are working with it.
  7. Now I took some rolls of streamers which you can buy at any dollar store for only $1 a roll and I cut off a piece, and folded it in layers to make one small piece.
  8. Then I took some Scissors and cut slits half way or 3 quarters of the way up the streamer and made multiple of these slits down the whole side of the streamer. Then once unfolded you have your little frilly streamer like material you need to cover the pinata. Continue to repeat this step until you have enough cut to cover the entire pinata. I cut extra into small confetti like pieces to fill mine with for the gender reveal.
  9. Now it is time to attach your streamer to your pinata base. I started with the sides because I want the front and back to be the main show stopper part of the pinata so I want them on top. So I just measured out a piece of my frilly streamer the width of the side of my pinata, which was 2 & 1/2 inches and I cut it to that length. Then I used that piece to cut out a bunch more, enough to cover all the sides of the pinata where I could layer them ontop of each other enough that no cardboard would show.
  10. Now I just used scotch tape, and taped these small strips along the side of my pinata, starting from the bottom and working my way up so it was layered nicely. I made sure there was no cardboard showing through, which means each layer will be overlapping ontop of each other. I slowly make my way around all the sides of the pinata.
  11. Now that the sides of your pinata are complete, its time to start on the front & back! I used the same method as before but cutting the strips in the length I needed AS I WENT! So I know they are layered and cut right. So starting at the bottom of the pinata I cut a small strip to fit the length of my starting point, which was very small because hearts are pointy at the bottom. Then I slowly worked my way up the pinata, cutting strips that were bigger and bigger, to fit the size of the cardboarded needed to be covered. Layering and overlapping streamer after streamer, securing with scotch tape until the entire front of the pinata was covered. Then I flipped it over and started on the back, and done the exact same process.
  12. Now your pinata is complete! All you have to do is fill it with candy or confetti (or streamer in my case) and hang it up! This was time consuming and takes patience but is not hard at all! 🙂

As always I will share my video below showing exactly how I created this Pinata so you can first hand see the process. If you’d like to keep up with my videos be sure to go subscribe to my channel and give the video a thumbs up if you like this tutorial.

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Thank you guys again for stopping by, I hope you guys like this post and don’t forget to pin this easy tutorial to your Pinterest for future reference next time you are having a party! Love ya’ll, Later tater!


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DIY Unicorn Hair Brush

Hey my Sunny Unicorns!

Can we not all agree Unicorns are like total amazeballs?! I know that I always loved the colorfulness, and fantastic thought of unicorns. Its a mystical kind of love. Takes me back to fourth grade when I had a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, filled with all my Lisa Frank folders and stickers with beautiful colorful pictures of mystical and exotic animals like tigers and unicorns. Ahh the memories! Nostalgic!

Anyways, now that we’ve took our walk down memory lane lets get back to our point shall we. UNICORNS! They are everywhere…Unicorns are super popular right now and I just LOVEEE Unicorns! So I thought I wanted to do something with a Unicorn twist. I seen some Unicorn makeup brushes that weren’t to expensive that inspired me, What about…a Unicorn HAIR BRUSH?! I know right, Its kinda weird and kinda awesome all in one! Although this is probably more a craft you would do for your kid or preteen, I am still a kid at heart and I can assure you, from the kid side of me, that they will LOVE IT!



  1. Get a Glitter Hair brush (or a plain hairbrush and glitter it yourself) and some air dry clay (polymer clay would also work)
  2. Eyeball how much clay it will take to make the size Unicorn horn you want…is it called a horn?
  3. Roll out your clay into a snake that gradually gets smaller.
  4. Start with the thick end of the snake and start to roll/spiral up to a horn shape.
  5. Let dry for 2-3 days.
  6. Once dry paint to your liking. I painted mine white and used some metallic gold paint to add a little detail to it.
  7. Crazy glue the horn in place on the top of your hairbrush, let dry, and you are done!

To see first hand EXACTLY how I made this brush make sure to check out my Youtube Video below! If you enjoy it don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel and like the video!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I will see you next week! 🙂 Later tater! 

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Oh…Em…Gee!! Couldn’t you just die at how cute this is!

This is a crafters dream!…well mine anyways!!!
Today I have made for you, a sparkly, a glittery, a shiny, a blingy, an ADORABLE Hot Glue Gun that is decked out so beautiful that I just cannot stand it!! Check out my video tutorial to see exactly how I decorated this glue gun to be totally show stopping!! It is still a completely functional glue gun that still works perfectly, and you will WOW all your friends at your next crafting party!!!

So check out my video how I made it! Go ahead, its super easy and will only take a few minutes to watch! 🙂


Thank you guys for checking out my blog and my Youtube channel. Don’t forget to go to my Youtube and Subscribe and hit thumbs up on this project if you like it! Later Tater!


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3 Easy DIY Valentines Day Gifts!

Hey Valentine! That is assuming you will be my Valentine?? <3.  Be Mine?!

Welcome back to Burst of Sunshine, where I randomly try to do something that brings some sunshine into my day, and hopefully yours as well. Today I am sharing with you 3 ideas for some DIY Valentines Day Gifts that you can gift to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, best friend, mom or even yourself. The possibilites are endless!

Sooo, Lets Do this!

1. Love Tackle Box!

Things you will need:

  • Tackle Box
  • Assortment of fish related candy
  • Printable Tag! (Provided below)
  • Scotch tape & Scissors (for cutting and attaching the tag)

First off lets start with the first project which is this cute Love Tackle Box! This is for the fisherman in your life, or maybe even just a lover of puns! It is literally just a simple small tackle box which you can find at your local walmart for only about $2.88 filled with whatever candy your heart desires.  I tried to stick with the fishing theme and filled it with bobber colored airheads, a variety of gummy worms, sharks, and octopuses…octupi? Whatever the plural for octopus may be, I used gummy ones!

HOW TO DO IT: I just assembled the tackle box to have as many slots as I needed for my variety of candies (which you can personalize based on the candy your loved one likes). Then I filled the slots with the candy and closed up the box. Finally I just added a Fish shaped tag to the top of the Tackle Box which I have provided for you!

Hooked on You Printable Tag: 


2. DIY Scratcher Lottery Tickets

Things you will need:

  • Printable Lottery Tickets (You can download below) printed on PHOTO PAPER or CARDSTOCK!
  • Dish Liquid
  • Silver Metallic Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Bowl or Cup to mix in
  • White Crayon
  • Scissors (for cutting the tickets out)

This was a project I wasn’t sure was going to work, but after some test runs doing different techniques I found which worked best! All you need for this is a few items, one being, the lottery tickets which I have provided a copy of the ones I used. I even left some blank boxes in case you may be photoshop or graphic savvy and wanted to create your own personalized lottery tickets! (I made mine on Picmonkey FYI) You will need some Silver Metallic Acrylic paint, dish liquid, a bowl or cup to mix them in, a paint brush, scissors, and a white crayon! I tested some without the crayon and the scratcher definitely works sooo much better if you use the crayon on your scatchers first!

HOW TO DO IT: First I took my white crayon and I colored over all the places that will be scratch off. In the case of these specific lottery tickets, it’s all the hearts with words in them. One I completely colored my scratch areas with white crayon I started to create my paint mixture. I poured some silver paint into a small cup and added a drop or two of dish liquid. You want this mixture to be majority paint with just a tiny dab of dish liquid. To much dish liquid makes it too transparent and the wrong consistency. You still want it to be like regular paint. Next I just painted a thick coat of the paint mixture on my scratch off areas, which again is the hearts on this scratcher. I paint the scratch off part BEFORE cutting out the tickets because even though you are using photo paper, the paint will still try and cause the paper to curl up and wrinkle, and you don’t want that! So I weighted mine down with candles and bottles of paint and let it dry overnight. The reason we use photo paper or cardstock btw is because lottery tickets are usually more structured and thick, and regular printer paper would not be able to hold up with the paint/dish liquid mixture on it as well. Once the paint is completely dry, I cut out my lottery tickets and they are ready to go!!


3. Love Note Dessert Glass

Things you will need:

  • Glass Jar/Bowl
  • Dry Erase Markers

Finally the most simple project, is a love note glass. This is the easiest project you could do to show someone you care!

HOW TO DO IT: I simply just took a glass jar or bowl (I actually found this one in the vase section of the dollar tree). Then you just use dry erase markers to write your sweet message to your loved on. Then fill with dessert of choice and you are ready to serve! It is that simple! I do suggest however maybe using a white or vanilla dessert as it is kind of hard to see the message with chocolate ice cream like I used, but what can I say, we are chocolate people!


As Always you can watch my Youtube Video I have provided that shows you step by step exactly how I made all of these DIY Gifts. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and give it a thumbs up if you like it!


Thank you guys for checking out this weeks projects, I hope you like it and I hope to see you back here next week! Later Taters!

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Cheap & Easy File Cabinet Makeover!

Hello my Sunshines! Today I am showing you all how I gave my super cheap old rusty file cabinet a makeover!! I found this filing cabinet SUPER dirt cheap at a thrift store, like $3 cheap! I know right I practically stole it from them! All it took for me to do this makeover was a Stencil from Walmart which was about $4, some white acrylic paint, and some light pink spray paint, about 3 cans if ya want me to be real with ya! It took alot to cover the rust! Also an electric sander or some sand paper!


1. So I took this old rusty file cabinet and I sanded it down with my electric sander to get it smooth. I didnt want all the rust spots to show through the paint so I made sure to take extra time to get this sanding done!

2. Then I coated it with multiple and I mean MULTIPLE coats of spray paint! I went with light pink, not sure why, but I did!

3. I painted the handles with white acrylic paint just so they kind of pop!

4. Finally I took my stencil that I got at Walmart and used White acrylic paint to stencil just the drawers! I wanted just the drawers stenciled so It would stick out compared to the rest of the cabinet!


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how awesome this turned out and it is perfect to help me get organized for the new year!

So moral of the story is:  If ya see a cheap old junky file cabinet at a thrift store or yard sale, don’t pass it up!! It has the potential to be BEAUTIFUL!

Don’t forget to check out my Youtube Channel, Like and Subscribe to see all my future content!!

Thank you for stopping by my lovely friends and I will see you guys later!

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DIY Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes!

Hello my Muggle friends!! Today I am showing you how I made these cute super duper magically awesome Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes. They sell some actual Harry Potter wand makeup brushes at Storybook cosmetics, but I am a cheap DIYer so I decided I would try and recreate my own, so I made mine for a mere $4 for all 3 brushes that I made.

Things you will need:

  • Assorted Makeup brushes (in sizes and shapes of your choice)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Metallic Gold Paint
  • Paint brushes

Like legit the process of making these are so simple that it will blow you mind! I literally just used the hot glue gun to build up hot glue to make the wands to shape I wanted them. I chose to make my wands to look similar to 3 of the wands from the Harry Potter movie series. I have my concealer brush as Harry Potters Wand. An angled eye shadow brush as Hermiones wand. And finally a standard dome eye shadow brush was used to make Voldemorts wand!

Don’t forget to check out my video showing you exactly how I made these super magical Harry potter wand makeup brushes and don’t forget to Like and SUBSCRIBE while you are there!

Thank you guys again for watching and checking out this diy tutorial for this week, see ya’ll next time!

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DIY Inspiration Board/Bulletin Board

Hello my lovely sunny friends, and Welcome to my first project of 2017!!

I wanted to start of 2017 with an easy fun and creative start! Since DIYS are my favorite that is what we are starting off with! Today I have this cute bulletin board that is so simple to make that it will rock your world!!!

This board is great to put up inspiration and motivation to help you keep yourself on track with your new years resolutions, but its more then just that! You can use it to post up reminders in your office, or to hang pictures in your bedroom, or whatever you want to use it for. It is completely customizable to fit your personality so have fun with it!

I made this board for about $5-6. Thats it! and I LOVE it!!!! 

So Let’s Do This:

  1. Start with a standard basic cork board in size of your choice. (I got mine from a thrift store for $3 but they sell them at Walmart)
  2. Spray paint your frame of your cork board to color of your choosing (optional).
  3. Next you are going to measure how much fabric you need to cover the cork part of the board. A Fat quarter was a perfect fit for mine so I got one from Walmart for $1 or $2.
  4. Pin the fabric down smooth to the board with some basic thumbtacks. 

That literally is all it took to make this adorable board!

I hope you enjoyed it and as always don’t forget to check out my You tube Channel and SUBSCRIBE to see all my future projects as I post them!

Thanks for stopping by guys & I’ll see ya’ll next time! 

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