Things are changing….

Blogs are a funny thing, you dedicate to write one, you put in time and effort and soooo much work setting it up and planning your posts, and taking pictures, and wanting everything to be perfect…then life happens. I had anticipated that I would blog every week since I started this blog…to say that I slacked would be a complete understatement. Sometimes life just happens, and things change, and people change…and that’s exactly what happened. It’s not that I didn’t like to blog, or didn’t want to blog…I just, wasn’t feeling the passion for it. I had changed, my interests had changed. This blog, and my You tube Channel Burst of Sunshine, both originated to be a place of expression and outlet for me to experiment and try new things and pursue all of my passions and interests. It quickly became a place for simple DIY projects and cakes. That was not my intention, and not what I feel a passion for. I am a passionate person whose interests change regularly, I am constantly growing, and changing, and adapting, and I feel Burst of Sunshine was supposed to be a place that could grow and change and adapt along with me. However I have not allowed it to flourish like I should have. I thought since I had started cakes and crafts I had to stay there. You always hear the rule “pick a niche and stay there”…but I didn’t intend to only dedicate Burst of Sunshine to just one niche. (Im a rule breaker like that hehe). I want Burst of Sunshine to be a personal outlet for me, where I can share everything I am interested in: like Crafts, Cakes, Recipes, Fitness, Minimalism, Real Life Experiences, Random Fun, Positivity, Manifestation, and just real Personal Life. I wanted Burst of Sunshine to be a place where I could experience ALL of the things that add sunshine to my day, not just one or two. So with my lack of expressional wiggle room, I lacked passion. It was no longer enjoyable to me when I had to stick to just one niche. I would like to be able to freely talk about my fitness, or my dogs, or craft projects, or just whatever is on my mind whether it is about being positive and living a happy life or just whatever my husband did that day that made me wanna slap him silly…just whatever I am feeling passionate about, I want to be able to express freely. So I apologize that I have been absent, mentally, physically, and passionately…but I intend to make a shift in 2018. Bring myself back into burst of sunshine! This is my Blog, my You tube, and MY LIFE! So feel free to join me, I would love it if you did, as I embark on this journey we call life, living everyday one day at a time, to its fullest.



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Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey Hey Sunshine! Today I am gonna show you how I made these super simple Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies! They were DELICIOUS and husband approved (and my husband is the pickest person EVER!) So, lets just get into this!


I used Betty Crocker packaged Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and some generic mini marshmallows. The process for these cookies were superrrr simple. Ima round it out for ya real quick but for super quick instructions go ahead and watch my Youtube Video where I show you step by step what I done…but like I said…lets get into this!


  1. Prepare your cookie dough according to package instructions. 
  2. Scoop out about a tablespoon of cookie dough and flatten it in your hand.
  3. Fill with Mini-Marshmallows, I suggest alot of mini marshmallows because I had only put like 2 in some of them and the marshmallows evaporated into the cookie, so ALOT of mini marshmallows.
  4. Cover the marshmallows completely with the cookie dough and form into a ball.
  5. Place on a cookie sheet a couple of inches apart from each other and bake according to the package directions.
  6. Ta-Da! Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies! You’re Welcome!!!


I hope you guys like this super simple recipe/instruction for some Marshmallow filled Chocolate Chip Cookies, some of the marshmallow did evaporate into the cookie (which is why I said to fill with ALOT of marshmallows) but it made it an extra fluffy cake-y cookie and the rest of the marshmallow that was left was deliciously soft and creamy! Just a thought, you could even frost the top of these cookies with some marshmallow fluff or sandwich two cookies together with marshmallow fluff and that would really be the bomb dot com! 

Thats my little bit of sunshine for today, I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out my Youtube Video where I show you exactly how I did this step by step. Go ahead and Subscribe while you are there and give the video a pretty thumbs up if ya liked it. 

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Update-Site Construction!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to update you guys, as you all know by now my blog isn’t exactly in the most productive state it can be in. I have been slacking off when it comes to blogging and updating my blog. It lacks in TLC so I am going to try and be better about it, so over the next couple weeks I am going to slowly work on updating the pages and the overall productivity aspect of my blog and how I share things. I apologize that I have been a slacker, but don’t leave me just yet. Hopefully you will be seeing a few subtle changes over the next period of time as I slowly overhaul certain parts of the blog!  Again Thank you guys for stopping by, don’t forget to Check out my Youtube Channel Burst of Sunshine where I will still be uploading regularly.

P.S. This construction and updating of my blog will not affect the weekly blog post that is posted, it will just be affecting the actual pages on my blog. There will still be updated blog posts throughout the next few weeks so stay tuned for those!


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How To Bake A Half Vanilla Half Chocolate Sheet Cake!

Hey Sunshine! Sooo I know a lot of Moms opt to home make their kids birthday cakes pretty regularly right? No?! Cant just be my mom! <3 her! I loved my home made cakes, but what do you do if you cant decide a flavor. A lot of people like chocolate, but a large amount also prefer vanilla?! What do you do??? Well I’ll tell ya, you make a half and half cake!!

Making a half and half cake is much simpler than you would think. I tried to look up ways to do this and all I could find was to bake a full chocolate and full white, cut them and piece them together. BUT that doesn’t sound ideal to me. There would be a crease in the middle of the cake, and you waste alota cake that could be ready for party-goers to enjoy. I wanted mine baked together like one you would buy! So that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today!

I am gonna try to break this down as simple as I possibly can, because this is a very simple process and you will be wondering why you wasnt doing it sooner! No need to buy no fancy gadgets to seperate your cake batter or buy expensive cakes from grocery stores when this involves NO GADGETS! All you need is Cake mix, a sheet pan, and a rolled up dish towel! Yep that’s it!!!

What you will need:

2 different flavor cake mixes (in flavors of your choice of course)

Sheet Cake Pan (I think mine is 11×15 but this will work with any size pan you choose)

Dish towel (mine is a dish drying towel thing! Any dish towel or towel will do.)

Parchment Paper & Baking Spray

Lets Do This!

  1. First you are going to go ahead and prepare BOTH your cake mixes. You need them both to be ready to go because the pouring in the pans is a quick process so it’s best to be prepared.
  2. Line pan with parchment paper & baking spray to keep your cake masterpiece from sticking after it bakes. 
  3. Roll up your dish towel and prop up one side of the pan so it is tilted onto the towel.
  4. Use whichever batter is thickest to pour first. In my situation that is my vanilla, chocolate almost always tends to be runnier. 
  5. QUICKLY remove the towel from under the pan and IMMEDIATELY pour your other cake batter into the other side of the pan before the first mix has a chance to travel across the pan.
  6. Now your cake is ready to bake! That’s how SIMPLE it is to make a half and half sheet cake! AND you can customize it to any flavors you want. Do you boo boo!!

I hope you guys like this super easy tutorial! I mean, it doesnt get any simpler than this!!!!!


Don’t forget to watch my video on my YOUTUBE channel Burst of Sunshine to see it live in action how I made this cake! Subscribe so you can see everytime I post a new video which is usually about every week! & if you like this tutorial hop on over and hit that thumbs up button. 

Thank you guys for stopping by my blog & for watching my Youtube videos! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!


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