DIY Spring Birdhouse Wooden Door Hanger

Spring has sprung! Lately we have been having some decent weather here in Kentucky, until today, where it is superrrr cold! I am in a jacket literally as I am writing this. But regardless of the temperature it is still technically spring, so I decided to make a cute spring door hanger. 

Keep in mind you can customize this birdhouse in colors of your choice and a quote or name of your choice. It is a super simple project but let me disclaim that of course saws are very dangerous and you should definitely seem professional help with the cutting of this project if you are not experienced with saws. I did teach myself how to use my saw but keep in mind it is very dangerous, do so with caution! 

Birdhouse Template: HERE

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Thank you guys for stopping by for a great Spring craft project! I hope you liked this and if ya did don’t forget to come back soon! Later Tater!

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DIY Coffee Mug Holder Display Sign

I admit it, I am an addict! A COFFEE ADDICT! I drink coffee on the daily,! I wonder if its genetic because my parents, are also a part of the coffee addict community. If you are a coffee drinker then you probably more then likely have the coffee mug cabinet, we all have one, don’t lie! I have so many coffee mugs that I have a cabinet dedicated just for my coffee mugs. So I thought, what if I displayed some of my pretty mugs, and cleaned out a little space in my cabinet! GENIUS! So I have made  cute coffee mug holder that I can hang on the wall or side of the cabinet to display some of the prettier coffee mugs in my collection. 

Things you will need:

  • Wood! (in size of your choice, mine is 1ftx2ft bout 1/4 inch thick)
  • Spray Paint & Acrylic Paint (colors of your choice)
  • Sand Paper
  • Sawtooth hook kit
  • Mug Hooks
  • Quote printed on paper & Pin
  • Paint for quote + Brushes
  • Sealant or top coat
  • Painters Tape

Lets Do This! 

  1. First off we are going to prep our wood. If yours needs sanded go ahead and sand it, mine didnt need sanded so I started off with a spray paint coat of white! Let Dry! 
  2. Now paint your main coat, I wanted a streaky, worn, rustic look, so I was kind of sloppy with this layer! I just used a large paint brush and some dark red acrylic paint. Let Dry!
  3. Now I’m using a piece of sand paper and just lightly sanding to sand of a little of the red paint to expose some of the white, to give it a worn look.
  4. Once you have the look you want, tape your quote or graphic where you want it using some painters tape.
  5. Now using a pen trace out the quote or graphic using good pressure, same technique I always use for putting words on wood. Remove the paper and you have the outline of your quote indented in the wood.
  6. Now using a paint pen or acrylic paint, trace the words and fill them in. 
  7. Once that is dry top coat it with some kind of sealant. This is optional but I like to do it to keep my words from wearing off. I used Mod Podge Spray Sealer but you can use whatever kind you prefer. Let Dry. 
  8. Now we are gonna nail the saw tooth hanger centered towards the top on the back of our sign, so we can hang it on the wall.
  9. Finally the final step, hang the mug hooks. I used a large mug of mine to eyeball how far apart to put them from each other but you can just randomly stick them around if that’s what floats your boat.
  10. Hang your board onto the wall or side of cabinet and you are ready to display your beautiful mugs! 🙂 

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Thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you liked this project, I love the outcome and I hope you guys make yourselves one as well.


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DIY Christmas Snow Globe Door Hanger!


Hello my beautiful sunny friends! I am sooo excited beyond belief for this project! Here’s a little sneak peak into the life of this burst of sunshine, my husband and I collect snow globes. Not in like a weird way where we have like 100 all over the house, but when we go on trips or anytime my husband has to go out of town for work (Which isn’t too often) he brings me a snow globe home…usually representing the place he got it from in his travels. It is mainly something he really loves, he loves pretty things. So now we have a small but growing collection of snow globes that he absolutely loves to display on a little shelf in our bedroom. So I thought what better Christmas door hanger to make for our home than one of a Christmas Snow Globe! It is very US!

Printable Snowglobe Template 

As always, watch my video on how I made this cute Snow Globe on my You Tube  BURST OF SUNSHINE & don’t forget to thumbs up the video if you like it to show me some love and SUBSCRIBE so you can see all my future content as soon as I upload it! 

So, Let’s do This!

  1. First, I of course cut out my Snow Globe shape out of some plywood (same way I do with all my wood projects) 
  2. After cutting out my snow globe shape I sand it down to make the surface smooth with no jagged edges.
  3. Time to start painting. I started with the base and background of the globe. Because I did not want to leave it wooden I decided to go with a light sky blue-ish color for the globe background and a red for the base just so I know it looks extra festive for the holidays.
  4. After the base and background have dried its time to start painting the inside of my globe. I decided to go with some cute little Snowmen to represent me and my husband. Add as many details as you would like, I thought it would be cute to add snow falling and cute details all in the globe.
  5. Time for the words, I just stenciled my words “Merry Christmas” onto the base of the snow globe using the same technique I always use which is taping down my printed out words and tracing over them using firm pressure with a pen. Then when you remove the paper the words should be indented into the woods for easy tracing. Then I just painted in the lines.
  6. Finally it is time for a top coat to seal in the design. Polyurethane is a good option but I find it has been turning some of my pieces yellow, So recently I have been using Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer. No matter what kind you choose to use, just seal your project in!
  7. Add a Screw to the top to hang with some ribbon!

You are Done!!!!!!

See how easy but how fun and cute! You can customize this to your own family and color scheme you want!

Thank you all so much for your support I appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop and watch my videos or read my blog posts! You guys are AWESOME!! 


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DIY Wooden Deer Sign


Welcome back Sunshine! Today, we are veering off my normal path of making treats and cakes to do a little work with wood! For todays project I am making a deer head out of wood! A sign to be specific. This is not a hard project at all and it will get tons of raves and reviews, so lets just do this!

I do not have a picture tutorial for this cutout due to having a busy work week with Halloween and everything going on, but feel free to watch my Youtube Video which shows me making this Deer head below! If you enjoy the video, give it a like…and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates every time I upload a project or cake!

You can find the printable template below! It is pretty massive! 


Thank you guys so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this project and don’t forget to go check out my Youtube video and Subscribe there since that is where I am primarily active! 🙂


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Pumpkin Monogram Doorhanger DIY


Happy Fall Ya’ll! Whats more fall then a big orange pumpkin? So today I have made this adorable wooden sign! Now I am in no way a professional but I do have to advise maybe not to try and tackle this adorable sign unless you are more experienced cutting wood-also make sure you have a few hours to kill just cutting wood! LOL. I love this sign and you can definitely simplify it if you wish. The three letter monogram does make it more difficult but you can alter it of course! I have it tied up with green Burlap ribbon and I LOVE it.

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Alright guys, Lets do this!

Step 1:

Draw out your stencil on the wood. Of course put the front side of the wood facing down, and then also face the template down as well The side you cut from can split sometimes while sawing so it’s best to put what will be the front facing down and trace the stencil on the back of the sign.



Step 2:

Drill a hole with a drill and sharp bit in each of the inner pieces of the wood that will be cut out! We do this so we have a hole to stick the saw blade in to start cutting in the center of the piece. I cut out all the center pieces first so I can keep my wood stabalized with the outter wood!



Step 3: 

Cut out all of the inner pieces we drilled holes in, then the pumpkin as a whole.


Step 4:

Now its time to sand. You can use an electric sander if you want, but just to be safe because there are so many thin pieces to this cutout I just hand sanded it with a piece of sand paper! Its completely up to you though!


Step 5:

Now its time to paint this lovely sign, I used a cheap bottle of arylic paint in Harvest Orange. I done two coats, and it took the entire bottle. (You can get this bottle of paint at Walmart for 50 Cents)

6 7

Step 6:

Next I took a drill and a slightly larger drill bit than the one I used to drill out the holes in the wood, and I am going to cut a hole in the stem of the pumpkin to hang a ribbon through!


Step 7:

Thread your burlap ribbon through the hole, tie a knot at the ends, and then push the knot to the back of the pumpkin out of sight!

9 99 999


Step 8:

Top coat it with some kind of sealer, let it dry, and then hang it out on your door so all your neighbors can be jealous of your beautiful creation!




Alright thank you guys for stopping by and I hope you go check out my Youtube Channel and subscribe!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this awesome project, I know I am very happy with it! Come back soon guys!


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How To Make A Mason Jar Decor Sign!


Hey Sunshine!! Today we are going back to yet another wood project. This one is a door hanger but you can make it to hang in your bedroom or on your wall anywhere. It makes a great gift and isn’t hard at all to make. So lets get straight into it shall we?! Go check out my Youtube video below and see the easy way to make this beautiful DIY sign!!

Here is the template I used to make this Mason Jar Sign: Mason-Jar-Template!



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DIY Cross Yard Stake


Welcome sunshine to my sunny corner of the internet! This DIY may be a little un-traditional for a DIY you see on the internet but it is very near and dear to my heart. August 24th is my Papaws birthday, and to celebrate I have made him a cross with his name on it to put on his grave. He was a proud Hatfield. So without further due, here is how I made this adorable Cross Stake.

*WARNING: Saws are dangerous, please have someone that is experienced with saws do the cutting for you*

Things you will need:

  • Plywood-in thickness of your choice.
  • Electric Sander & Sandpaper
  • Wood Stain -in color of choice
  • Safety glasses, gloves, and ear protection
  • Foam brush
  • Wash cloth
  • Polyurethane
  • Acrylic paint & Paint Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • Pencil & Pen
  • Name stencil-you can create this on Microsoft word or paint and just print it out
  • Template for cross –available down below.

I am posting a video explaining to you exactly how I made this cross from start to finish, but just for reference I will sum it up for you right quick.

First you will need the template.

You can find the Template Here: Cross Template!

Now lets Begin:

  1. Lay out the template onto some plywood and trace it out with a pencil.
  2. Cut it out with your Jigsaw. *Please be very careful and cautious as saws are dangerous, wear protective glasses, gloves, and ear protection*
  3. Use your electric sander (or just sandpaper) and sand the cross until its smooth on all sides and edges. Use a scrap piece of sandpaper to smooth any angles or corners you could not get with the electric sander.
  4. Stain the Cross with a washcloth.
  5. Once the stain is dry put your name stencil on the cross and tape it in place with painters tape.
  6. Use a Pen and good pressure to trace the stencil so it indents into the wood.
  7. Remove the stencil and trace your outlines with acrylic paint in color of your choice.
  8. Once this drys apply a top coat of Polyurethane with a foam sponge brush and let it dry!
  9. You’re done!! 🙂 Enjoy!

Check out the video below for a video How to of how I made this!


I hope you enjoy this and if you create one go ahead and send me some pictures I would love to see it recreated. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this. I will have a few cakes and wood projects coming up soon *and maybe even a diy here and there* As always, Stay Sunny!


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How to make a Personalized Wooden Door Hanger


Hey Sunshine! Welcome back, and let me introduce you to my world of wood cutting! This wooden heart sign in particular is one that I have done quite a few times! This is a highly requested item so I’ve made my fair share of them, and today I am going to show you how to do it!!! This is a little more complicated then the projects I usually show because there are so many time consuming details but nothing too hard that you cant handle.

You can find the Template that I used down below, it will print off on 6 sheets of paper which will give you a sign a little over a foot big!

DOWNLOAD MY Heart Template

Check out my Youtube video where I show you exactly what I do and how I do it! Don’t forget to subscribe while you are there! I do wood cutting, crafts, cakes, etc and there are a lot more random sunny things to come!

Thanks for watching guys and don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll know when I have new videos out! Stay Sunny!





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Wooden Monogram-updated!

Remember the C Monogram sign I posted last week? Well I decided against my husbands choice to leave it plain and added sunflowers. I think it really made it look sooo much better! So I am providing an updated picture. I also made a new letter for someone else, she requested it stay plain because she wants to string some patriotic lights on it-cool with me. I’ll post an updated pic after she puts the lights on it if she sends me one. But here are the 2 finished Monograms- the C from last weeks post updated and a J!






Stay Sunny! sig

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Wood Initial Welcome Sign & Wooden Blessings Sign


In Kentucky, people are huge fans of the wooden, rustic, country look…you’d think we’d be sick of wood with all the trees at mountains at our every turn, but nope. So these were both gifts, one made for a friend to give to her Father for Fathers day and another for one of my husbands family member who is having a household shower this weekend. The C, is for the household shower, clearly..I wanted to add a Bow or a flower or burlap or something but my husband says to leave it plain because the woman who it was made for, doesn’t like flowers or bows or anything like that. He says she likes things simple, so I kept it as simple as possible. Anyways, the heart is wood burnt, excuse that it is not perfect but it was my first time using a wood burner.


No there again is not a tutorial. I am busy busy busy and even when I cant share tutorials I still like to share what stuff I am working on. I do not have a good camera and I continue to stay disappointed in the pictures I produce with just my Iphone! So please forgive that there may not always be a lot of tutorials. But for now, enjoy and Stay Sunny!


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