DIY Christmas Snow Globe Door Hanger!


Hello my beautiful sunny friends! I am sooo excited beyond belief for this project! Here’s a little sneak peak into the life of this burst of sunshine, my husband and I collect snow globes. Not in like a weird way where we have like 100 all over the house, but when we go on trips or anytime my husband has to go out of town for work (Which isn’t too often) he brings me a snow globe home…usually representing the place he got it from in his travels. It is mainly something he really loves, he loves pretty things. So now we have a small but growing collection of snow globes that he absolutely loves to display on a little shelf in our bedroom. So I thought what better Christmas door hanger to make for our home than one of a Christmas Snow Globe! It is very US!

Printable Snowglobe Template 

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So, Let’s do This!

  1. First, I of course cut out my Snow Globe shape out of some plywood (same way I do with all my wood projects) 
  2. After cutting out my snow globe shape I sand it down to make the surface smooth with no jagged edges.
  3. Time to start painting. I started with the base and background of the globe. Because I did not want to leave it wooden I decided to go with a light sky blue-ish color for the globe background and a red for the base just so I know it looks extra festive for the holidays.
  4. After the base and background have dried its time to start painting the inside of my globe. I decided to go with some cute little Snowmen to represent me and my husband. Add as many details as you would like, I thought it would be cute to add snow falling and cute details all in the globe.
  5. Time for the words, I just stenciled my words “Merry Christmas” onto the base of the snow globe using the same technique I always use which is taping down my printed out words and tracing over them using firm pressure with a pen. Then when you remove the paper the words should be indented into the woods for easy tracing. Then I just painted in the lines.
  6. Finally it is time for a top coat to seal in the design. Polyurethane is a good option but I find it has been turning some of my pieces yellow, So recently I have been using Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer. No matter what kind you choose to use, just seal your project in!
  7. Add a Screw to the top to hang with some ribbon!

You are Done!!!!!!

See how easy but how fun and cute! You can customize this to your own family and color scheme you want!

Thank you all so much for your support I appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop and watch my videos or read my blog posts! You guys are AWESOME!! 


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