DIY Shrink Plastic Keychains!

My dad is one of my favorite people. He loves so many things and he is the easiest man on this earth to make happy. He would appreciative of a bologna sandwich for Fathers Day! I love him dearly. He is a huge fan of Superman and also of Harley Davidson, So I kinda just wanted to make him a little something inspired by those things he loves. (he also loves Elvis too but I am only so good with these crafts.) 

So today we are making some shrink plastic keychains for sooo cheap that it will blow your mind. Also they are super quick so they make really nice last minute sentimental fathers day gifts that you can customize for your dad, husband, step dad, father in law, grandpa, etc. 

So lets do this! 

  1. First I am going to deconstruct a plastic container I got from a resturaunt. You can also buy Shrink Plastic that is made for this kind of thing which would probably work better.
  2. Next I printed out some templates for the images I wanted to turn into keychains. Make them atleast 2 to 3 times the size you want them to actually be, because again…they shrink!
  3. Now lay your plastic sheet ontop of your template and get to tracing away with Sharpies. Color and trace according to your design. (You could even freehand your own drawings, the possibilities are endless)
  4. Now using some scissors cut out your keychains to the shape you want (leaving a small section for the keychain hole to go where you will attach it to your keychain.)
  5. Using a hole puncher punch out a hole where you want the keychain to attach.
  6. Now place your keychains on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet.
  7. Put in the oven on a high temperature for a few seconds until it curls up and shrinks. I believe my oven was on about 400 degrees farenheit. 
  8. Once out of the oven use chopsticks or some kind of tools to flatten out your plastic keychains. (caution: this may be hot after coming out of the oven, please be careful.)
  9. Once cooled completely attach a jump ring and keyhain and you are done! 

As always, check out my Youtube Channel Burst of Sunshine and Subscribe so you can keep up with me & all the fun stuff I post. You can also check out the video below how I made these keychains and see for yourself just how simple and easy it is.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like this project & I hope my dad does too! See ya’ll next week! Later Tater! 





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  1. I never know you could just use a plastic container instead of purchased shrink dinks. I will have to try this. My kids would love making key chains as a fun summer project. Thanks!

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