DIY Skull Vase Halloween Decoration


Hey sunshine! Today we will be making this superrrr easy and ADORABLE Halloween decoration…Oh and it was cheap too! I bought all of the items needed for this craft at the Dollar Tree (except the spray paint which I got from Walmart for 98 Cents). So lets get into it…

Items used:

  • Plastic Skull -Dollar Tree for $1
  • Black Rose Bush – Dollar Tree for $1
  • Red Rose Bush -Dollar Tree for $1
  • Black Spray Paint – Walmart 98 cents!

Total: About $4.


Totally affordable and TOTALLY cute!

You can watch my Youtube video below or keep scrolling to see more detailed written instructions on how I made this cute Halloween Decoration!


Lets do it:

1. First we are going to take our plastic skull and spray paint him black! And you can let your imagination fly with this one, you could paint him any color you want, add jewels or flowers to make it a sugar skull, add red paint running down to look like blood, the possibilities are endless!



2. Now that our spray paint is dry, we are going to cut a hole in the top of the skull to fit the flowers in. I suggest cutting a smaller hole because you can always keep trimming off some of the skull to make the hole bigger if needed but if you start out with too large of a hole like I did you cant take it back.



3. Trim all the flowers off the bushes and to a size that they will fit in the vase, also remove the leaves. I used a pair of wire cutters but scissors would work for this!

4 5


4. Arrange the flowers how you want them, tape them together, and insert them into the skull.


(Tip: If your skull is too lightweight and flimsy you can fill the inside with some small rocks or sand to keep it sturdy so it doesn’t tip over with your flowers.)

TA-DAAAA!!! You are done!

Skull Vase

This is such a fun project, takes no time to make and is sooo easy that it is ridiculous! I hope you enjoy this and make some for yourself because they turn out so cute! Thanks guys for stopping by, don’t forget to go check out my Youtube  video and Subscribe to my channel to get updates when I upload new projects! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by guys!



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