DIY Wooden Deer Sign


Welcome back Sunshine! Today, we are veering off my normal path of making treats and cakes to do a little work with wood! For todays project I am making a deer head out of wood! A sign to be specific. This is not a hard project at all and it will get tons of raves and reviews, so lets just do this!

I do not have a picture tutorial for this cutout due to having a busy work week with Halloween and everything going on, but feel free to watch my Youtube Video which shows me making this Deer head below! If you enjoy the video, give it a like…and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates every time I upload a project or cake!

You can find the printable template below! It is pretty massive! 


Thank you guys so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this project and don’t forget to go check out my Youtube video and Subscribe there since that is where I am primarily active! 🙂


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