Frozen Cake!

Know a little girl who loves Disney’s Frozen?! Well this cake is perfect. It is super easy, and got tons of compliments. I know it is by no means perfect but it was my first cake I’ve ever made so I think it coulda been worse.


So not all of my posts are going to be tutorials. Really a lot of my projects have deadlines which makes it hard to stop in between steps and take pictures or log what I am doing. However while in the process of deciding what I wanted this cake to look at I turned to Pinterest, where I wasn’t looking for tutorials, but just pictures for ideas of things I could do for this cake. So with this I am giving back what I took, ideas and inspiration. I will try and work on some tutorials but for now, this 5 year old LOVED this cake. It has been almost a week and people are still talking about it. Not too bad eh??!!

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