Goals & Future for Burst of Sunshine!



With the new year HERE I feel it is completely natural for all of us to stop and say “Hey, I want to make some goals, and I want to CRUSH THEM!”

I am definitely one of those people who at this time of year get completely inspired to set new goals and resolutions (and despite the odds of what people say about making resolutions and never sticking to them,) I want to accomplish them all!

So I just wanted to throw a quick little post out there about Burst of Sunshine…Goals for the new year!


1. New Content!

First of I am going to start off with the content I post. Lately I have been posting a lot of baking related content, which is fine and dandy and all. I love to bake, I usually regularly have to make cakes for people so it’s something convenient for me to post…HOWEVER, DIY & Craft is my real passion. When I started this blog it was because I wanted to express my creativity and do DIY’s freely and feel like maybe someone else could learn a thing or two as well or maybe learn from my crafting mistakes (as I do make a lot of them). So for the future of Burst of Sunshine I would definitely like to incorporate more DIY’S. I know a lot of my following is because of Cake and Baking and once I start transitioning over to DIY’S and Crafts I probably will lose a huge amount of following but I want to follow my passion and it has always been Crafting!

2. Gain Followers/Subscribers!

Everybody has to have a goal right?! I have a Youtube Channel which you should already know if you follow my Blog. It is slowly growing and I look for it to lose some Subs once I transition to crafts…but, I would like to reach 500 Subscribers by the end of 2017. Originally my goal was 1,000 but I decided the best way to really achieve your goals is definitely make them realistic. I have about 268 Subscribers as of right now, but again as I mentioned I look to lose a few when I stop posting all baking video when my subscribers that are there to see the baking see that I am changing it up. So realistically, with only 268 Subscribers (Which I am thankful for each and every one), 1,000 Subs just seemed pretty unrealistic. So 500 Subscribers is my goal for 2017!

3. Editing Improvement & Video Quality!

I definitely would like to get a tad more experienced and *fancy* with my editing. I have basic minimal editing skills which I would definitely love to improve on. Maybe buy a much better editing software, learn some tricks and skills, and be an editing master! I also would love to be able to provide you all with the most quality pictures and videos I can, which to do I need to definitely step up my game with staging photo’s and videos!

4. Blogging Regularly!

I would loveee to start blogging regularly. I guess with me working a full time job and doing Youtube I do find it hard to find the time to sit down and blog, but I would love love love to give the blog more TLC and also build my following here!


Guys, I know they aren’t much but these are my goals for 2017 for Burst of Sunshine! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this and come back Friday for a new post on how I stay Productive and Motivated to reach my goals for the new year!

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