How To Make A Buttercream Paw Patrol Cake!


Hey guys, its your own personal Burst of Sunshine here! I’m here today ready to show you a new cake that I made for an adorable little Paw Patrol fan! This is a super simple buttercream cake that is perfect for a kids party at any age. Because it was buttercream and not all fondant it was a huge hit with the kids, especially since fondant is a hard sell on some people.
I did not write out a full blog post on this cake because it would be extremely long, so it would save me and you both time if you just checked out the Youtube video I made on my channel “Burst of Sunshine” to see exactly how I made this cake step by step.

So sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen!

*& by ‘magic‘ I mean: me learning how to make cakes as I go, winging it, and making mistakes… as I am not a professional nor have any training AT ALL*



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