How to Make A Five Nights At Freddys Cake!


DISCLAIMER: First off let me start off by saying I am CLEARLY not a professional cake baker or decorator…I am learning as I go and most things I am doing for the first time on camera just winging it. So please be considerate, as I am a beginner home taught baker…and with that said lets move on to the cake! 


Hey Sunshine! Today we are making this Five Nights at Freddys Cake! It’s super easy and any home-baker/mom-baker can easily create this. So sit down, press play, and see how to make this cake for any Five Nights at Freddys fan in your life!  Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel while you are there to get updates when I upload new videos!

Thank you guys so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this video! 🙂 Come back soon!


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