How to make a Ghost Cake


Welcome my spooky sunshines!! Today I am showing you how to make a super easy Ghost Cake that even YOU can whip up for a Halloween Party! If I can do it, anyone can. Halloween is in a few days and this cake can be whipped up quick and easy, and its so cute! Its definitely party friendly and will be a hit with all your friends and family! I went with a ghost shaped almost ike a kid wearing a sheet, I thought it was cute and leaves alot of room for error which I am notorious for. So without further rambling, lets do this!

*DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a professional cake decorator and am in no way saying that I am. I am learning everything as I go and am a self taught home baker! *

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Items Used:

  • 6″x2″ Round Pan
  • Oven safe bowl
  • 2 batches of cake mix in flavor of your choice (I’m definitely a chocolate lover)
  • buttercream
  • Rice Crispy treats
  • White Fondant
  • Fondant in colors of choice for hat and cupcake (I chose purple and orange)
  • Serated Knife for leveling & carving
  • Rolling pin
  • Small offset spatula for icing
  • Small knife for details
  • Number 21 start tip
  • Piping bag (or ziploc bag)
  • small cardboard pieces for support of cupcake and hat

Now I am going to try and explain this the best I can but for an easier alternative you can always watch my video tutorial on this cake.


Step 1:

First I baked all my cakes. I baked three 6″x2″ round cakes and also one cake in a porcelain oven safe bowl.

Step 2:

After cooling I leveled and stacked the cakes up with my serated knife. The three round first and then the bowl on top to be the round part of the head. ( Keep all the scraps from leveling it, you will use these to make a cake pop witches hat for your ghost)

*Go ahead and crumb all the scraps you leveled off your cakes and put them aside for later*

Step 3:

Freeze or cool your cake so it is solid enough that you can carve away at it and give it the ghostly shape you want. Then carve your cake! I tried to round the head a little more then it always was and thin out the middle just slightly so the fondant would drape over it nicely and hang loosely like a sheet.

Step 4:

Crumb Coat your cake and put it in the fridge to chill. Then give it a second coat. Then put it back in the fridge to chill again.

Step 5:

Now we can start working on the arms. I just used pre-made packaged Rice Crispy treats and shaped them into cute little nubs for arms, and attached them with a skewer I cut down to size.

Step 6:

Attach arms to cake and crumb coat them as well blending the icing into the cake.

Step 7:

Cover your cake in white fondant! I covered mine loosely to have the sheet covered ghost affect but this is completely optional, this just helped me leave a lot of room for errors and was still totally adorable. I trimmed the bottom to try and give it a wavy look and accentuated the wrinkles and made deep curls and wrinkles in the fondant.

Step 8:

Now its time to move on to the little details which is the funnest part about making cake!! I just used the large round end of my piping tip to cut out black circles out of fondant for the eyes. Then I cut small strips for my eyelashes and mouth. Then I used a small ball of white fondant for the little white in the eyes of my ghost…I mostly eyeballed it. HAHA GET IT!

Step 9:

Now that her face is done we are moving on to the hat! I used the cake scraps I leveled off my cakes and crumbed them up in a bowl. Then I added some chocolate frosting and mixed it until I got a thick dough consistency. Next I shaped them into  a hat and the bottom of my cupcake that my Ghost will hold!

*Put them on a sturdy thin piece of cardboard for support and freeze*

Step 10:

Once they are frozen and have hardened we are going to cover the hat and bottom of cupcake in fondant. I used purple you can use whatever color you want. After smoothing and trimming I moved on to details. I used orange fondant to put a trim around the base of my witches hat, and a little bow to cover the crease where I had cut the fondant.

Step 11:

I dyed some buttercream the same color as the orange on the witch’s hat to ice the ghosts cupcake in so that it all matches and goes together. Using a number 21 Star tip & a sandwich bag, I piped the icing on my little ghosts cupcake!

Step 12:

Attach your hat and cupcake. I just attached the cupcake to the ghost’s hand with a little dollop of buttercream,and the hat to the top of her head with a skewer that I cut to size.

TA-DAAA!! You’re done!


I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and remember, its a ghost, so it doesn’t have to be perfect! So just have fun with it and customize it to your liking! It will be a big hit and people will love it. If you make this cake or any other cake or project make sure to send it to me on Instagram at @burstofsunshine

Again thanks for stopping by guys and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel! 🙂 Byyyeee!!


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