How to Make a Number 8 Batman Cake!

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Hello Sunshine! Got a little guy that loves Batman? Well this cake is pretty simple and any mom can pull it off. It of course does not have to be a number 8, Keep in mind you can look on Pinterest for plenty of references of how to make a cake shaped like any number you desire by using regular round or rectangular pans. So no matter the age of your little man, maybe this will give you an idea on where to start. Again let me repeat I am not a professional cake decorator or baker in any way. This is just a hobby I like to do for fun, along with crafting (which you will see some of that too). So I hope you enjoy the making of this Batman cake!

Watch my Video Tutorial below or my on Youtube Channel!


You will Need:

Two 9×2 Inch cakes! (In whatever flavor your heart desires)

Yellow Buttercream

Black Fondant

Yellow Fondant

Simple Syrup (optional)

Shortening (or powdered sugar) *to grease surface*

Batman symbol template (which you can find by googling “Batman symbol template” on Google Images)

Star Template (I made mine on paint but you can also search “Star Template” on Google Images)

Alphabet cookie cutter set

Round Cookie Cutter (If you are making an 8)


Exacto Knife

Off-set Spatula & Cake Scraper

Cake Board

Cup of Water & Paint Brush

Rolling Pin

Fondant Smoother

I know that looks like a lot of things to have but I guarantee you that you have most of them around your house! So let me try and break this down for you right quick!

  1. Bake two 9×2 inch cakes! I colored mine Black with Wilton Gel Food Coloring (so when you cut into it, it would be black and yellow)
  2. I cut these cakes in half just so there wouldn’t be so much cake and not much buttercream. I used a circle cookie cutter and cut a circle out of the center of both layers. I repeated this for the 2nd 9″ cake also.
  3. I filled the middle of the cake with simple syrup & then buttercream, assembled it back together, another layer of simple syrup and crumb coated it. Then I let it chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes and done the final crumb coat on it. Smooth out the final crumb coat the best you can. Again repeat all of these steps for both 9″ cakes. (*If you do not know what simple syrup is you definitely need to check out How to Cake it with Yolanda Gamp!
  4. Next I grease my counter and knead some black fondant. Roll it out with a greased rolling pin and carefully lay it on the cake. Then I smooth it out until the entire cake is covered and smooth. Trim any excess Fondant from the bottom of the cake.
  5. Now its time to assemble the cake on the cake board it will stay on, So I moved the cakes over to the board, smooth out any imperfections I put in it while moving it, and fit the cakes together to make an 8. Now we will start to see the cake come together.
  6. Next I took my Batman and Star template and cut them out with Scissors and an Exacto knife.
  7. Roll out Yellow Fondant and using the stencils & cookie cutters cut out stars, the Batman belt & Buckle (along with the bat for the symbol) and the name.
  8. Roll out black Fondant and using the stencil cut out the buckle outline for the belt.
  9. Now using water and a paint brush apply your fondant decorations on your cake to your liking. You can watch my video to see how I done it.
  10. Finally, take some of the yellow buttercream and a piping bag with a star tip. Then I trimmed out the bottom outline of the cake with this yellow buttercream to give it a finished look. And you are done! Sounds a lot harder then it is.


Don’t forget to subscribe to my You tube Channel and come back for more cakes, DIY, and whatever else sparks my fancy! Thanks again for stopping by, and stay sunny!


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