How To Make A Simple Snow Globe Cake!


HA! Im Just kidding guys, but seriously don’t shake it!

Today we are making this super simple easy Snow Globe Cake that will definitely impress at your Christmas get-together but is so simple and quick to throw together!

What you will need:

  • 2 6 Inch Round Cakes (In any flavor you want)
  • Green Buttercream
  • Something to put in the Snowglobe. I used Rice Crispy Trees that I made last week! You can find them HERE!
  • Fish bowl or round vase
  • Shredded Coconut


Alright guys, you are about to see just how simple this cake really is. Also feel free to add designs and as many details as you want, I just wanted this to be simple and to show you that its something literally anybody can do! So lets get started!

  1. First I stacked and filled my cake with Buttercream frosting and then gave it a thin crumb coat. Chill.
  2.  Once Chilled I took some of the green Buttercream and done my main coat of frosting which is usually a little more on the thick side.
  3. I smoothed out my buttercream smooth with my small offset spatula or you could use a bench scraper. Then I chilled it for a bit to firm it up so I didnt mess it up while doing the quick and easy decorating.
  4. Next I took my little fish bowl/globe for the top and I placed it where I wanted it. Then removed it, just so it would leave an outline where it goes.
  5. Then I took some shredded coconut and filled the  inside of the globe outline on my frosting so it would look like snow in my snow globe!
  6. Next I used a little Buttercream to attach  my Christmas tree in the center of where my globe will be. If you want to see how I made this cute Christmas Tree Rice Crispy Treat you can check that out HERE. It’s super easy and makes another cute treat to bring to the Christmas family events! (You can put a gingerbread man cookie or whatever you want in this globe!)
  7. Finally I placed the globe back ontop of the cake where I originally outlined for it to go, and you are done!
  8. Of course additional decorations and designs are completely optional!

I hope you guys like this cake and how simple and easy it is and also don’t forget to go check out my post from last week where I show you how to make the Rice Crispy Treat Trees that I put in my snow globe!

Rice Crispy Treat Trees: CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

As always go check out my You Tube Channel BURST OF SUNSHINE and Subscribe to see all my future videos! Thank you guys so much for stopping by and have a great holiday!

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