Keeping Motivation when you are losing momentum!

It is completely normal to lose momentum and start to feel down on yourself, especially when your numbers aren’t meeting your expectations!

It is easy for people to say not to let that get you down but sometimes it is easier said then done! So I want to talk with you about staying motivated, why you shouldn’t let a temporary drop in following affect your momentum and your drive!

Your Audience!

Lets talk about your audience for a second, Who would you say your blog (or You tube or whatever your outlet is) who is it for? Who is your target audience? what are you trying to achieve by gaining a following? Are you trying to just express your creativity or yourself and want to share it with like minded people who are interested in seeing the process or learning new things or making friends in a friendly community that all share the same hobbies and ideas? That’s who I am writing for. I don’t want to gain followers just to be popular and have a large following, I want to gain followers who are interested in what I have to say and what I have to share and genuinely enjoy the content I am providing. If they are not enjoying the content, then I guess they just aren’t my target audience. If someone is not enjoying what I am putting out there and isn’t interested in what I am doing or what I am trying to provide, then clearly that is not the person I am providing it to.

It’s all about having the right audience. You don’t want someone to just be following you so you have have a pretty number of followers. I don’t anyway. I want a community of crafters and creative people who genuinely enjoy seeing other peoples projects and sharing them, maybe trying them and supporting each other. So if I lose a subscriber, or a few…I guess they are not the people I need in my community. They are not the ones who will be there for me for the long haul. They are not the ones who can connect with what I am making and really appreciate the effort.

And that’s OKAY!

Not everyone is into the same kind of thing. Some blogs are my style and my interest and I genuinely enjoy reading them, and then others aren’t. There is nothing wrong with that, everybody has a style and certain things they like to see and certain things they don’t. That’s the beauty of the internet. We are all different and express and do things in our own way and the internet is a vast community of people of all different interests. So I am not going to take it personally when someone isn’t interested in the same exact things I am, that’s part of life and the beauty of the internet. We are all different!

As long as I know I am still putting in effort, and giving it my all 100% and providing content that I think is quality and the kind of content I would want to see, I am not going to take it personally if my style isn’t everyones. I like Tuna in my mac & cheese, doesn’t mean everybody has to!

So don’t let a drop in followers de-motivate you or make you feel like giving up and continuing on is pointless, because if blogging, or youtube-ing, or intagramming, or whatever is it you are doing is what is making you happy-then you keep doing it!

Thank you guys for stopping by I hope this post maybe helped someone who is going through that slump where they are struggling to gain a following or keep the following they do gain! Keep going – you got this!

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