Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey Hey Sunshine! Today I am gonna show you how I made these super simple Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies! They were DELICIOUS and husband approved (and my husband is the pickest person EVER!) So, lets just get into this!


I used Betty Crocker packaged Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and some generic mini marshmallows. The process for these cookies were superrrr simple. Ima round it out for ya real quick but for super quick instructions go ahead and watch my Youtube Video where I show you step by step what I done…but like I said…lets get into this!


  1. Prepare your cookie dough according to package instructions. 
  2. Scoop out about a tablespoon of cookie dough and flatten it in your hand.
  3. Fill with Mini-Marshmallows, I suggest alot of mini marshmallows because I had only put like 2 in some of them and the marshmallows evaporated into the cookie, so ALOT of mini marshmallows.
  4. Cover the marshmallows completely with the cookie dough and form into a ball.
  5. Place on a cookie sheet a couple of inches apart from each other and bake according to the package directions.
  6. Ta-Da! Marshmallow Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies! You’re Welcome!!!


I hope you guys like this super simple recipe/instruction for some Marshmallow filled Chocolate Chip Cookies, some of the marshmallow did evaporate into the cookie (which is why I said to fill with ALOT of marshmallows) but it made it an extra fluffy cake-y cookie and the rest of the marshmallow that was left was deliciously soft and creamy! Just a thought, you could even frost the top of these cookies with some marshmallow fluff or sandwich two cookies together with marshmallow fluff and that would really be the bomb dot com! 

Thats my little bit of sunshine for today, I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out my Youtube Video where I show you exactly how I did this step by step. Go ahead and Subscribe while you are there and give the video a pretty thumbs up if ya liked it. 

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