Monster High Two Tier Cake Tutorial!


Hey Sunshine! It is here! The long awaited Tutorial video for the making of my Monster High Cake! I uploaded the video on Youtube a few days ago but due to a few family medical issues I have not been able to update much. Keep in mind I am NOT a professional in any way as you can clearly tell in the video. I am new to making cakes and I am just doing it as a hobby *No worries, no plans to quit my day job any time soon* LOL. This is the 2nd Cake I’ve ever made so it is NOT perfect in any way but it made a little girl very happy and that’s what counts right?! So I hope it just helps some of you for inspiration so go out and make a little girl (or boy, I don’t judge) happy!


DONT FORGET: To check out the video to learn how I made the Monster High Skull logo topper that is standing up on the top of the cake out of fondant. It is in its own separate video and you can find that Here.


*Keep in mind my website and Youtube will not be dedicated solely to cake decorating. I am a crafter of all sorts and I love to create things and work with wood, cake, clay, paint, power tools, and just anything crafty. I may post cakes or I may post DIY projects. It’s just whatever my heart desires at the point in time. I have been doing cakes more frequently and haven’t had much time to really do much DIY’s between work and cakes but I will get back to those too, so if you are here for wood projects or crafts no worries those are all to come as well.


(I just completed another cake also, I tried a few new technological things so hopefully it will help the quality of the video to be better but we will see as I have not yet reviewed the footage to see how it looks, but if all works out well hopefully I will have that video completed and uploaded in the next week or two, then I am going to try and start doing regular crafts as well again.)

Stay Sunny!


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