Polymer Clay Sugar Skull Necklace DIY


Welcome back Sunshine! Halloween is so close I can taste it…So I thought, ya know what I don’t have, a cute Halloween Necklace! Lets Make one shall we?


Items used:

  • White Polymer Clay
  • Skull Ice Cube Tray (found mine at the Dollar Tree for $1)
  • ball tools (optional you can use paint brushes too)
  • Acrylic Paint (in colors of your choice) & Black Paint Marker (optional)
  • Black Pen
  • Eye Pin & Chain (To make it a necklace)
  • Pliers

As usual you can watch my video on my Youtube account how I made this necklace or keep scrolling below to see step by step how I created it.

Lets do it:

Step 1: Condition your clay and roll it into a ball slightly bigger than the skull mold.



Step 2: Press your Polymer Clay round into the mold and press it good. You want to make sure to fill all the little crevices to get the full imprint of the skull.



Step 3: Trim off excess Clay, You can do this before or after removing it from the mold. (After would probably be easier).



Step 4: Remove Clay from mold. You may need to fix any imperfections that may have occurred while removing the clay from the mold.


Step 5: Insert an eye pin and bake according to your clays instructions. Different brand clays can have different temperatures and baking time.


Step 6: (Optional) After your piece has completely cooled paint it with white acrylic paint. This is optional, I just done it because my white clay accumulated dust particles before baking.



Step 7: Use a Paint marker and pen to design your skull however you want it. I was just doodling and winging it, but your design can be completely customized to your liking!



Step 8: After your pen drawings have dried, Paint in the designs with colors of your choice!



Step 9: After the paint dries I decided to trace back over my designs with the pen again to clean up any lines I may have accidentally painted.



Step 10: (Optional) Glaze your piece.

Step 11: Attach jump ring to your eye pin with some pliers, and wear your beautiful new creation!



I hope you guys enjoyed this, stay tuned next week for some deliciousness coming your way! Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and follow my social media as well!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Stay sunny! 🙂




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