Tips to be Productive & How to Reach Your Goals in 2017!

Welcome my darlings to my last post of 2016, it has been quite a rough year for a lot of people, me included. I am ready to say goodbye to 2016 and Welcome 2017 with open arms and with a positive attitude!

Today I want to talk about goals!!

We all have them, especially this time of year, its time for a new start and a clean slate. If you have goals what better time to start then now?!?!

(Disclaimer: I am by no means any kind of professional planner or anything these are just the tips I use to help me feel motivated and be productive.)


Tip 1:

Carry a notebook around with you! You never know when a genius idea will spark in your head or you will have something you need to remember. I ALWAYS carry a small notebook around in my purse and write down video ideas, blog post ideas, to do lists, shopping lists, my goals, etc. So go to your local Dollar store, grab yourself a cheap little notebook for a buck, and it will fit in almost any purse!

Tip 2:

Set Goals & Do something every day to bring you closer to your goal. What are your goals for 2017? Now thing to yourself what can I do TODAY to bring me 1 step closer to that goal? Whether it be cutting out junk food today, or taking an extra trip to the gym, or starting that blog or youtube channel you have been wanting to start, or start brainstorming ideas for that book you are wanting to write! Get started TODAY! Do or Create something everyday, even if it sucks! It’s a start!

Tip 3:

Start Early with a task list! I automatically feel more productive if I wake up just a little bit earlier to work on my goals. Even if its just 20 extra minutes, that’s 20 minutes of effort towards your goals! I like to wake up a little bit earlier when I want to be productive, and make out my To-Do list for the day. A To-Do list is the best way to help you stay on track and meet your goals. I am big into list making! I <3 Lists!

Tip 4:

Surround yourself with Motivation! I personally am a huge fan of motivational quotes! I love them, and I love them on everything. My computer desktop is always adorning a new quote to motivate me, I like to use Coffee Cups that constantly motivate me every time I look at it to take a sip of my morning coffee! Even the wallpaper on my phone usually has some kind of inspirational something to motivate me and keep me going! So surround yourself with things to inspire you and keep yourself on track!

Tip 5:

Eliminate Distractions! One huge distraction for me is TV. Television is by far the biggest distraction for me that throws me off my mojo! If you are trying to be productive and concentrate on a task, maybe try turning the old television off even if its just in the background and opt for some mood enhancing music! I personally like Pop music, it really helps at putting me in a great mood! But RAP is what really gets me going and ready to kick some a** and take some names!

Tip 6:

De-Clutter/Organize! I CANNOT work or concentrate on something if there is clutter and mess and just junk everywhere. One thing that really helps me to stay focused is to work in a clean de-cluttered environment. Even if the place I am working in is not all that cluttered, a great stress reliever for me is to clean out closets, drawers, and just de-clutter and de-junk everything. Not only will a huge weight be lifted off of you to rid yourself of all this unused junk but also you might get a little feel goods as well for donating these items to someone who needs them more then you!

Tip 7:

Schedule! I like to make a schedule, I am one of those nerdy schedulers who plan out what they are going to do and when and for how long. Ugh I know right?! But it is definitely a big help when I am trying to be productive. I like to section off my day and get things done based on priority. Go buy yourself a cheap notebook or planner from the Dollar store and start planning out your day, you’ll never be the same again.  Break up your time, only spend about 15-20 minutes per task. I know that doesn’t sound like much but you will be able to focus better if you take breaks and focus on something else for a little bit rather then staring at the same project for hours on end.

Tip 8:

Make an Inspiration Board! This is by far my favorite tip I have for you! Inspiration boards are soooo fun and so cute! You can customize it however you want and it is there for you when you need a little motivation. Hang motivational quotes or pictures or to do lists or whatever you want to inspire you and motivate you every time you look at it. Hang it by your desk or work area so it is constantly reminding you to push yourself towards your goals. I made a super cute one that I will be posting about next week so stayed tuned to see how I made my own Inspiration board!

Tip 9:

Finally just Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! Basically this is summing up all my tips! Stay motivated, remember your goals and CRUSH THEM! You CAN do it! Keep your eyes and mind on what you want, and do what you have to to reach those goals.


Thank you guys so much for stopping by for the very last time in 2016! I hope you guys enjoy these tips and I hope they help your 2017 off to a very productive start! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube video where I sum up all these tips and SUBSCRIBE so next week when I post my Inspiration board you don’t miss it!

GOODBYE 2016, Good Riddance! Happy New Years Guys!




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