Wood Initial Welcome Sign & Wooden Blessings Sign


In Kentucky, people are huge fans of the wooden, rustic, country look…you’d think we’d be sick of wood with all the trees at mountains at our every turn, but nope. So these were both gifts, one made for a friend to give to her Father for Fathers day and another for one of my husbands family member who is having a household shower this weekend. The C, is for the household shower, clearly..I wanted to add a Bow or a flower or burlap or something but my husband says to leave it plain because the woman who it was made for, doesn’t like flowers or bows or anything like that. He says she likes things simple, so I kept it as simple as possible. Anyways, the heart is wood burnt, excuse that it is not perfect but it was my first time using a wood burner.


No there again is not a tutorial. I am busy busy busy and even when I cant share tutorials I still like to share what stuff I am working on. I do not have a good camera and I continue to stay disappointed in the pictures I produce with just my Iphone! So please forgive that there may not always be a lot of tutorials. But for now, enjoy and Stay Sunny!


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